Kuala Perlis Kuah, Langkawi On Marine Star 2

This blog is drafted on board Marine Star 2 from Kuala Perlis to Kuah, Langkawi.I am running on Celcom Broadband now. Its 7.21 when I write this blog and to test the coverage signal while at sea.

Last night we left Kuala Lumpur at 11.00 pm and arrived Kuala Perlis Jetty at 4.50 am. Think it was quite a fast journey.I don’t know how fast the driver drove since I slept on most part of the journey.

Last month on about the same day I was in Langkawi for 4 days and this time around (same date as last month) I will be on Langkawi Island for 4 days too. Staying at Langkawi outside the peak season will be a bit peaceful and things will be cheaper compared peak season such as school holidays or weekends

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28 thoughts on “Kuala Perlis Kuah, Langkawi On Marine Star 2”

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