No ‘religious ban’ on MU jerseys, says Perak mufti

Jerseys of top football teams in the world do become popular attires on their supporters not only in Malaysia but worldwide. However some of these jerseys have logos with signs not appropriate with Muslims such as those that have the cross or devil figures on them. It has been a normal practice for those teams supporters donning their jerseys and I think most (Muslims) doesn’t have any sense of guilt wearing them. Today The Star carry this topic and what the Mufti has to say.

No ‘religious ban’ on MU jerseys, says Perak mufti

My view is that if one wear and be proud of wearing the jersey with the cross logo, then you might shake your akidah. The best thing is NOT to wear them. I am a Brazil supporter and love to wear that Brazil jersey but because of the logo with the cross on it, I abstain from doing so.

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