Ihsaniah Iskandar Mosque

It has been a few times that I had wanted to stop and take photo of the mosque located along the road from Kuala Kangsar towards Taiping. The reason is I always reach the place at midnight or wee hours of the morning.

This time however my travel was during the day and I reached the location at noon and during the Zohor prayer time. Actually I had missed the mosque but then my little heart tells me to turn back. Maybe its angels call to me to turn and besides the opportunity to take photos of the mosque, it is in time to perform the Zohor prayer with other jemaah of the community.

Took some picture and after performing the Zohor prayer I decided to ask when was the mosque built. The Imam who leadthe zohor prayer then told me that it was built in 1936 during the rule of Sultan Iskandar of Perak.

The Imam told me that unique building was restored by Jabatan Warisan Negara (National Heritage Department)  in 2009. It is one-of-a-kind rural mosque that has been saved and one of the most unique buildings in not just Malaysia, but most likely in the world.
Ihsaniah Iskandariah Mosque was named after the 30th Sultan of Perak, Paduka Seri Sultan Iskandar Shah, who financed its construction at the then princely sum of RM80,000 (USD $23,262.58) in 1936. The raising of the mosque was a nazar (fulfilling of a vow) by the Sultan to give thanks for the recovery of his ailing child. The land that it sits on is a waqaf (endowment) land bestowed to the community by Juragan Abdul Shukur Bin Mohamad Ali. Read more HERE………..

The mosque is located at Kampong Kuala Dal and if you use the North South Expressway, exit at the Kuala Kangsar toll and turn towards Taiping. It is less than a kilometer away on the left of the trunk road 1.

At first I thought it was the Mesjid Al Wahidiah because if this
After asking the Imam only I know the name of the unique mosque is Ihsaniah Iskandar and not Al-Wahidiah. The Al-Wahidiah is the new building located next to the Ihsaniah and built because it can no longer accomodate the increasing number of congregators especially during the Friday prayers.

The decoration on the windows and the walls made of woven bamboo or the kelarai is one of the local craftwork synonym to Malay houses.

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