Traveling To Kota kinabalu

This is my first trip to Kota Kinabalu on Firefly. I was one of the fortunate flyer to be able to land a cheap fare at just RM 294 for a return flight.

It is a new experience since I have never fly this airline before. The flight was not full and it’s too bad that part of my family have to fly on Ariasia due to fare differences. So I have to buy them Airasia tix and we fly to Kota Kinabalu within 1/2 an hour difference departure.

Management at the holding lounge before embarkation seems to be well managed even though passenger still practice the Malaysian attitude of rushing to go first even with the seats allocated. However the personnel managing the gate carried out his task well and follow the SOP in allowing passengers to go on board according to seat location. However the normal passenger with kids to board earlier were not given the priority. Its a small matter though.

Inside the cockpit, there is no difference as on board Airasia with jus one Class and the black leather seat (mmmmm, is it leather?). So, I am not going write anything more.

Actually I later found out that I did not claim our meals because of ignorant. The tix was bought for us by my daughters friend and I was not inform about the meals acccompanied. The stewardess were checking some passengers boarding pass and I thought if our tix come with meals, the stewardess might come and ask for our boarding pass. I thought Firefly might be one step ahead in identifying passengers who buy meals when purchasing the tix. I am sure the chief steward were provided with the full list of passengers and there is details of meals ordered so the flight has enough meals to cater according to orders. So we miss out our pre ordered meals for three person.

This post will be updated later when I go home later.
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I Did A General Health Check

Tonight I did a general health scan at Downtown, Cheras by a community service group. What I observe the group might be promoting CNI health product, but that is not a problem. They are not forcing anybody to buy anything, but just suggesting. However there is a minimal charge for the check I did. It was RM 5.00.

The test result (desirable standards in bracket)

Body fat. 21.7% (8-20 for male)
Water percentage in body 57% (50-65)
Muscle mass 49.2
Physical Status 5 (normal
BMR 1413 (1600-1800kcal)
Biological age 40. (I like this, life has just begin. LOL)
Bone mass 2.7 (2.66kg for body weight less than 65kg)
Abdominal fat 13 (high : 10-14)
Blood Pressure 134/95
Heart Rate 69 (Healthy rate 70 plus minus 10)

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Nasib Malang Azizul

Sememangnya malang tidak berbau. Hari ini dengar berita pelumba harapan negara, Azizul Hasni kemalangan semasa perlumbaan di Manchester. Ia adat pertandingan, dan sama-samalah kita berdoa agar Azizul cepat sembuh.

Kesan dari kemalangan itu kita patut bersimpati pada Azizul dengan tidak terkejar-kejar untuk meletakkannya semula ke dalam perlumbaan sehingga dia benar-benar sembuh dan tahap kecergasannya kembali ke tahap sebelum dia cedera. Azizul masih ada masa yang panjang untuk membukitkan kejaguhannya di peringkat antarabangsa. Jangan hanya kerana mengejar pingat, kita korbankan seorang jaguh.

Biarlah pihak ISN sahkan Azizul benar-benar bersedia untuk berlumba semula sebelum dia dibenarkan melakukannya. Kita harus sedar bahawa Azizul adalah seorang manusia dan bukan mesin.

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Architectural Replica At Central Market

It has been quite sometimes I did not visit Central Market KL. Today when I decided to drop by, I see something new. At one side of the building inside, there are replicas of local architectural buildings. I am not sure  maybe I overlooked, but I do not know which building was the replica of. Maybe there should be some signage to  let visitors know where the building can be found. I remember there is one such kind of replica at The Mall, at Jalan Putra KL where the road was named to reflect the actual location of the building. Hats off to the Central Market authority for such setup. 

Kasturi Walk, KL

Central Market add a new attraction to its vicinity- Kasturi Walk. The once Jalan Hang Kasturi that was an open pedestrian walk has been turned into a shopping bazaar. Stalls selling variety of products from handicraft to food and drinks line up the walk. It is officially open today 19th February 2011. This walk will be another must visit spot for tourist and locals besides what is inside the popular Central Market since its just outside. atok vlog

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