I Did A General Health Check

Tonight I did a general health scan at Downtown, Cheras by a community service group. What I observe the group might be promoting CNI health product, but that is not a problem. They are not forcing anybody to buy anything, but just suggesting. However there is a minimal charge for the check I did. It was RM 5.00.

The test result (desirable standards in bracket)

Body fat. 21.7% (8-20 for male)
Water percentage in body 57% (50-65)
Muscle mass 49.2
Physical Status 5 (normal
BMR 1413 (1600-1800kcal)
Biological age 40. (I like this, life has just begin. LOL)
Bone mass 2.7 (2.66kg for body weight less than 65kg)
Abdominal fat 13 (high : 10-14)
Blood Pressure 134/95
Heart Rate 69 (Healthy rate 70 plus minus 10)

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