Sabah – Sungai Morali, Luanti Natural Fish Spa

Fish Spa had made its appearance in shopping complexes where one can go and let the fish nibble on the skin, peeling away dead skin cells while experiencing the massage sensation. Dip your feet into the fish tank and the little fish come and treat them.
Having fish spa in its natural environment and habitat is quite rare. The community of Kg Luanti located about 18 kilometres from Ranau town seems to be blessed with this natural spa, where the river, Sg Morali was turned into a tourist attraction. I had an opportunity to visit one while I took my family back to Sabah for a family gathering.

To go to Kg Luanti, the best way is to drive up the winding road from Kota Kinabalu towards National Park or Sandakan and on the way after Ranau town is this Tagal Sungai Morali, Kg. Luanti Baru. This remote village has been selected as the Malaysia River Care winner Award in 2006 for their effort in maintaining the natural gift.  

The landmark is the Sabah Tea signboard and immediately after it is the Tagal Sungai Morali at Kampung Luanti  Baru. You go past the junction to Poring hot Springs. This signboard below is very visible as you go past the Sabah Tea signboard.
The fish found in the area are the Garap, Pelian, Kelah and Tor Tambroides. They will “attack” you once you step into the slow flowing water and start nibbling on your skin. Adult visitors only pay RM 5.00 while children between 6 – 12 years RM 2.00. Infant is FOC. That is for dipping the feet into the water for 15 minutes but if you want to “swim with the fish”, there is a flat rate of RM 10.00 per  15 minutes, irrespective of age.
Top: Step into the water and the fish will swarm around your feet
Top photo: This is what happen to my feet after being “massaged” by the fish. Less dead skin, uh?

The place starts operating in 2002 but only open to the public in 2008. Besides the fish spa, the place provide chalet at between RM 50.00- RM 80.00 per night with access to the kitchen and guest can cook on their own. However guest can request catering for food if they have no time to cook. There are homestay too if the chalet are full. For the more adventuruous, there are campsites to fix up your tent.

At any one time the Tagal Sg Morali can accommodate up to 200 guest, and team building or motivational activities can be organised here.
Top : Some of the chalet within the area
While enjoying watching visitors giggle and getting excited having their feet being “massaged” by the fishes, guest can sing out your voice at the karaoke for RM 1.00 per song.  
So, if you visit Sabah and have enough time to travel around, try not to miss this fish spa.   
Visit for details. 

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