The name was coined by General Secretary of Baseball Federation Malaysia. It is an initiative to register Baseball Coaches in Malaysia so that the association can plan development programs for them. 
Baseball enthusiast in Malaysia, local or foreigner who is taking baseball as their sports and want to be a coach can send their particulars to the association. 
 To aid easy access to interested parties, one can follow these steps to register yourself. Send the following particulars by email to baseballmalaysia@gmail.com. with the subject NABACORI registration.

Nama & Alamat Majikan:
No. HP:
Pengalaman (sbg jurulatih/pemain):

One Reason For Sports To Move Back In Malaysia

A few weeks ago a foreigner working in Malaysia asked me what is happening in Malaysian Sports? I can’t give a correct answer because there are many factor that hinders development of our sports especially when it involves athletes at competitive levels. However this Star article is worth reading as one of the factors take away politicking in sports administration in Malaysia.