National MSN/BFA/BFM Coaching Clinic

It was a successful outing for local Baseball coaches after they leave the National Sports Council on 25th June 2011, at the end of a 6 days coaching clinic.
The course was jointly organised by National Sports council (NSC), Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA) and Baseball Federation of Malaysia (BFM)
24 coaches attended the course coming from different parts of Malaysia. Two from Sabah, Three from Sarawak, two from Johor and 8 from Perlis
The course was conducted by a coach assigned by BFA, Mr. Kim, Jung-Soo, born 2 April 1953, and was a former professional baseball player and coach for the Lotte Giants Baseball Club of Busan, South Korea. He is currently the Head Coach for the Dong-Eui University of Busan, South Korea.
Coaches who attended the clinic was very enthusiastic and motivated to learn the skills presented by the coach and they participated actively. This is a sign of the positive future of the sports to gain its popularity. 
The course content follows the MLB coaching course and the BFM is looking forward to recognised the participants of the clinic with equivalency as a Level I Baseball Coaching Certificate since this is the first structured course to be held in Malaysia and the coaches are handpicked to attend and will spearhead future coaching courses to be organised by the Federation. Some of those participants will be assign to conduct future coaching clinics and courses after giving them more exposure and training. atok vlog

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