Tigers Stopped On Home Ground


Do not despair over spilt milk. The game is over for Malaysia after losing due to an aggregate of 6-4. Our World Cup Dream quashed by our own neighbour. The sign of walking out of the running was seen during the away match at Jalan Besar Stadium when our team was gunned 4 goals in the first half, something that should not have happen. 

One down and still there is another Olympic qualifier team in the running.

Eventhough the team lost, and hope of the fans who throng the National Stadium at Bukit Jalil shattered, but football in Malaysia still persist. The players had given their all out but we lost to a better team. Hats off to the players, coach and FAM.

I was at Bukit Jalil and witness the turnout. The stadium was filled to full capacity. There are still fans with ticlets queing at the gates when the stadium is already full. It was not a scene we use to see when Malaysia play any team in the past. The fever is there.

These are sights at Bukit Jalil in the evening before the match.

IMG_9078IMG_9099IMG_9074 Indian supportersIMG_9063

See, even foreigners come in Malaysian colours to support the team.


A group of Sikh supporters


London 2012 Reveals The Medals

Bigger, wider, heavier — that could be the motto for the medals at the 2012 London Olympics

Source: HERE


  • Measuring 85 millimeters (3.35 inches) in diameter and weighing 375-400 grams (13-14 ounces), London’s medals will be the largest ever awarded at a Summer Games.
  • They dwarf the 70 millimeter (2.76 inch) medals handed out in Beijing four years ago, but don’t quite outsize the prizes given at  the Vancouver Winter Games last year: those medals were 100 millimeters (3.94 inches) wide.
  • The front of the medals features Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.On the back is a complex image containing five symbolic elements, including an interpretation of the London 2012 logo and the River Thames. A distinctive grid represents radiating energy, while the background is concave to suggest an amphitheater.
  • 2,100 medals to be handed out at the London Games in 302 ceremonies.
  • The ore for the medals will be mined at two sites, one near Salt Lake City and the other in Mongolia.
  • The medals were designed by British artist David Watkins

Source: Times Live

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