Satu berita yang pasti meresahkan kita kerana ia mungkin akan mengubah jumlah punbutan pingat kerana laporan tersebut menyebut kedua-dua atlet itu adalah pemenang pingat. Jika ujian kedua (Sampel B) didapati positif maka mereka akan menerima hukuman iaitu digantung dan pingat ditarik balik. Jika pingat ditarik balik, bagaimana dengan hadiah kemenangan yang mereka terima dari kerajaan? Adakah ianya akan ditarik balik?

Berita berikut seperti yang disiarkan di dalam Malay Mail

Two Suspected of taking performance – enhancing drugs

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 03:06:00
TWO national athletes tested positive for banned substances during the recent Sea Games in Indonesia.
The Indonesia Sea Games Organising Committee (Inasoc) had in a letter dated Dec 16, 2011 requested the  Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) to provide “clarification regarding the presence of forbidden drugs”.
Unconfirmed reports revealed the two were medal-winners in athletics and weightlifting.
Sample B of the two athletes will now be tested.
If found guilty, the athletes could be suspended for up to two years and the medals will be withdrawn.
OCM secretary Datuk Sieh Kok Chi said they were disturbed over the findings by Inasoc.
“We should be concerned. I don’t understand why some athletes take such drugs,” said Kok Chi.
“The national associations should be more alert and the athletes should be responsible. They always deny taking drugs but how can traces of the drugs be found in their blood?
“Other countries are facing the same problem too and we need to weed out this menace.”
However, Kok Chi added they will wait for the results of the testing done on Sample B before considering the next course of action.
Six sprinters went missing from an anti-doping test conducted by the National Sports Institute last year. Three returned to give their samples while another three flew off for a training-cum-competition stint in Bulgaria.
Sources had then revealed the athletes were given “pink-coloured pills” meant for “recovery and relaxation”.
The Malaysian Athletics Union had later confirmed the trio were tested in Bulgaria and found to be clean from any banned substance.
Baca juga ISN Media Watch

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