Tips – Planning Vacation Photography

This posting has nothing to do with my travel experience but about an article that might be of interest to travel bloggers or those who are into travel photography. I found this old email in my mail box while doing some housekeeping and I think it is worth sharing with my readers.

The article Planning Vacation Photography provide advise for those who want to travel and keep or share their memories with friends relatives and the public.

The article mentioned that “Step one” on any trip is knowing where and what you will photograph so that he/she can:
 a.   identify the minimal gear to bring
 b.   the times of day when your photographic pursuits will be the most successful.
 c.   considered your backup plans, such as extra memory cards and battery chargers
 d.   memory cards, batteries, an extra flash unit, and the proper power adapters are crucial to success.
 e.   take into consideration the major “what ifs” of any technical glitches

Photographers have also to make a list of the shots you consider imperative, planned for the gear required, and made some backup plans in case of disaster.

Then give consideration to how you intend to make your shots unique and memorable.