When Facebook overtook Myspace and Friendsters as the most popular social media application for socialising in cyberspace, it spark growth or more social media websites imitating its footstep. Not only in terms of functions and purpose but also more or less the same format. Even local application developers are trying to jump onto the same bandwagon. However every new sites will defend themselves as not to imitate the success of Facebook but in one way or another it can be considered is. 

I found out a new social media website while walking around at a carnival in Bukit Jalil recently and immediately created an account when I reach home.  One common feature for social sites is that most of them can be logged in by using Facebook account and some using twitter account. 

This new kid on the block is


This site uses the same colour as Facebook and I am not sure whether its the lucky colour of the company. 

According to the brochure: is a social networking portal that offers more than just social by sharing interest, hobbies, pictures but enhancing user’s ex[experiences by doing more than what normally social networking portal do. I don’t see any difference from facebook here, at least for the time being. 

Go to the site and create one account for yourself. 



Author: zaharibb

I am just a small blogger writing about sports, travel and lifestyle and turned into a social media influencer. Will undertake to accept write up invitations. to blog and to share on my social media platforms,

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