Where Has My Reading Habit Gone To?

When I was in Standard 6, I used to read a lot. I can finish a fiction within a week and whenever there is time between classes, I will bring out the book from under my desk and read. It was a time when I was very engaged to reading.During to those days I read Moby Dick, Around The World in Eighty Days, Last of The Mohicans, Tom Sawyer, Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series and many more. 

I don’t know why the reading habit faded out when i go to secondary school. Reading fictions has declined. from the 70s till now, I think I can count the number of books that I finish reading. The latest I finish reading within two weeks is a book about the fate of our football team trying to make it to the world cup.

With the era of the internet, I jumped onto the net and got strangled in the blogging world. There are thousands of blogs that I surfed and none but a few that I read from the first line to the last. Sometimes I am surprised with myself as to why that reading habit that I catch during my preteen years did not continue to this day. 

As I said there are one or two blog that I read from the first line to the last, but not every posting though. I have just finished reading Tomothy Tiahs posting Up In The Air 

Another Malaysia In London2012

Malaysian swimmer qualifies for Olympics

The unexpected and she qualifies to be citizen of the summer Olympics in London this July.

Heidi Gan splashed her way to Olympic history in the chilly waters of Setubal Bay in Portugal on Saturday.
The 22-year-old earned her ticket to represent Malaysia in the women’s 10km open water swimming at the London Olympics after claiming the continental slot at the world qualifying meet in Portugal.
Heidi posted an impressive 1:48.17 for 28th placing in a field of 41 swimmers but she got the Asian continental slot as Fang Yanjiao of China (fifth), Natasha Tang of Hong Kong (12th) and Kida Yumi of Japan (13th) were among the top 15 qualifiers for the Games. – The Star Online
This is an Olympic dream come true for Heidi, who convert herself from pool to open water and she opted for a sport that has low competitors. 

What she achieved should be a sample of choice of sports if one want to fulfill dreams. Many young and aspiring kids love to jump onto a popular sports with stiff competition and in the end landed nowhere. Now doubt skills helps but with too many with the same skill makes selection difficult. 

Traveling Tips With Technology

How do you travel when you are out with an assignment of searching new items to post or update your blog? I think most of us will carry a handphone, a laptop and at least a digital camera. Then you have to carry along your cables to get connected to electric outlet when you are running out of juice. At least a small bag for all your electronic gadgets.

Nowadays technology is making things easier by combining accessories. Most handphones comes with digital cameras with video capturing functions. Then again mobile phones is not just about digits from 1 to 0 but also has typing capabilities. So it means you carry a small typewriter along.

From handphones many has start to engage tablets which also has the facilities of a handphone and with other add-ins. With all these many of us has the opportunity to carry a minimum gadget for us to cope with the task we are going to perform. A handphone or a tablet has all the basic needs- phone, camera, keypad, internet. Do you still have to carry your netbook? Well, thats individual preference.

I receive this traveling tips on the internet from traveldudes and I think it would bebefit most of us who like to not only travel, but to travel light. Read HERE.

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