Manchester City Di Bukit Jalil

Petang semalam berpeluang tengok Manchester City buat latihan di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil. Aku ni bukannya peminat pasukan itu pun atau mana-mana pasukan bolasepak luar negara. Tak kiralah EL ke Serie A ke dan sebagainya. Pergi tengok dia orang berlatih pun sebab dapat pass masuk percuma. 

Pas percuma menonton Manchester City buat latihan di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil


Memang tak ramai pun yang datang. Mungkin kerana Manchester City bukanlah kelab popular di England seperti Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal dan sebagainya. Gambar di bawah yang diambil dalam mode Panorama menunjukkan suasana di dalam Stadium semasa sesi latihan tersebut. 


Sesi Latihan pasukan Manchester City di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil sebelum bertemu Malaysia XI pada 30 Julai 2012

Manchester City adalah dalam rangka lawatan Asian Tour 2012 mereka. Jika kita lihat program seperti ini merupakan satu perancangan mereka di luar musim. Kita lihat bagaimana pasukan sukan profesional luar negara berehat. Mereka melancung untuk menghilangkan kebosananan selepas selesai mengharungi satu musim perlawanan yang memenatkan. Namun di samping melancung mereka tetap mengekalkan tahap kecergasan dan mengumpul dana untuk menguruskan pasukan. Inilah yang sepatutnya dilakukan oleh kelab-kelab sukan kita. Tapi ,sanggupkah penonton datang menonton pasukan Malaysia atau mana-mana negeri berlatih walaupun diberikan percuma?


One Archer Move On To 1/16 In Men’s Individual.

It is quite unlucky that they have to fight each other to make into the 1/16 round of the Men’s Individual.
Cheng Chu Sian and Khairul Anuar Mohammad has beat each other to make it. Another archer Haziq Kamarudin will meet Denis Gazanka from Kazakhstan. This was decided during the ranking round.

Cheng and Khairul will fare on 31 July while Haziq on 30th July. This means that only two of our archer will have the opportunity to make the 1/16 round and one is already confirmed.

Harian Metro News

Malaysia Athlete Create Olympic History At London2012

First Yahoo listed Malaysia Uniform as among the worst during the contingent march past at London2012 Opening Ceremony. Then Malaysia again caught their attention when Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi shoots at the Royal Artillery Barracks at Woolwich in South East London.

We have known the result of her participation in the 10m Air Rifle. She scores 392 points and ranked 34 out of 56 participants. Even though she did not make it into the last eight for the Finals, she did get some attention especially from Yahoo Sports because of her condition. As we all know she is in her eight’s month pregnant and maybe she had created a history not only for herself or Malaysia but also Olympic history to date.  

Not only is Taibi one of the few pregnant women in Olympic history, but she is also the most pregnant woman in Olympic history.

Yahoo wrote; LONDON – Her baby kicked inside her – arms stretching, legs flailing – so Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi clutched her rifle and cooed what any pregnant woman should say while standing in the Olympics with gun in hand.
“Mommy is going to shoot here.”
And if that isn’t the best story of these Olympics, what possibly is?
The rest of the story HERE
Pictures HERE
Malaysia’s Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi takes aim during the women’s 10m air rifle qualification competition at the London 2012 Olympic Games in the Royal Artillery Barracks at Woolwich in southeast London July 28, 2012. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach (BRITAIN – Tags: SPORT OLYMPICS SPORT SHOOTING)
Yahoo concluded : The best story of these Games was gone before they had barely started.

Malaysian Uniform Among The Worst During London2012

Oh My God! Our Malaysian Contingent has the worst uniform during the opening ceremony of London2012. I first saw it on Facebook. It was a screen capture from the internet. I goggled and found out it was on Yahoo Sports. The page consist of 17 thumbnails showing the best and worst uniforms. Even though it is not an official evaluation (I think), our uniform being shortlisted as among the worst should be taken into account and corrected by Malaysian Olympic Council, National Sports Council (representing Ministry of Youth and Sports) and Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage.

The Malaysian uniform was described as Malaysia’s tiger printed yellow, orange, and black uniform was a little too bold.

Maybe the authority in charge of dressing up our member of the Malaysian contingent had made a good choice but the colour did not please the Tiara Chiaramonte, who produce the article. Urghhh, that red sports shoe and his sampin spoil the uniformity. Else these guys and ladies looks nice. Maybe next time we put a Iban worrior on the first line among the men and see what Tiara will say.  

For once our sportsmen was dressed up with a Malaysian Touch and Flavour, the panglima look for the men while the ladies very feminine. As I can see (hope I am not mistaken) there is an essence of East Malaysia culture of the Bajaus or Suluk design. 

Besides Malaysia, Britian, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, New Zealand and Mexico were also voted as worst uniforms.  

Meanwhile USA, Sweden, Brazil, Switzerland, Netherland, Isreal, Jamaica, Italy and France were voted as having the best uniforms. 

Note: There are spots fan asking why not fix to the Baju Melayu and Sampin Songket with a better moulded Tanjak  than the simple one worn by Team Malaysia @ London2012. 

After all the view is just my 2 cents evaluation. 

UPDATED 29 July 2012

I found another comments from a foreign blog who blogs about fashion listed our uniform in his blog and this is what he says about ours:

Olympic Uniform #18 – Malaysia
Someone pulled a shifty on the Malaysian team and told them the opening ceremony was team fancy dress.

Our team was rated second worst and the worst is Ukraine 

The comment on that blog (maybe they are Malaysian and if both of you are, congratf for the support)

baga bangCollapse
i like malaysia dress, because it is their culture dressing, so it’s colourful and characterful.. and they make it interesting with harimau malaya (malayan tiger) stripes design in their sampin and kebaya dress.. malayan tiger are their nation symbol.
Too bad… Coz u the fashion magazine editor… But u seems know notthing bout fashion… I think malaysian dress is classy.. Coz they wear thier traditional attire… Yes no guuci.. No prada.. No boss. No LV.. But not typical as other countries.. Come with a suit.. Like hello!

Let The Games Begin

The Olympic curtain has been raised when QE announced her opening declaration during a spectacular display in London. 

Many Malaysians who woke up the whole night to watch our “Tigers” march during the contingents march past were dissapointed when their presence is just for a brief few seconds. 

This is Astro Arena’s photo from their FB page of our “Tigers and Tigress” during the march past at London2012 this morning. 

Keep up to date information about London2012 because there are mobile apps that run son iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile. There are two different apps that you can download that ie London 2012 Joinin App and London 2012 Result App. I have downloaded both on my Android and Blackberry. 

Seems the social media has been put to maximum use by LOGOC after making its first appearance in Beijing 2008. They make their presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare.

To follow our athletes competetion schedule click HERE and HERE for Badminton draw. 

For live updates, delayed telecast on HD and 3D experience for the first time READ HERE.