Sunday Bike Ride @ Raub

Sunday morning at Raub Lake Garden was buzzing with cyclist from young kids to an 80 year old women and all are waiting excitedly to be flagged off. They come in all types of bicycle from folding bike, road race bike, mountain bike and pixies just for the intention of taking part in the monthly leisure activity. What is more meaningful for them is that their Parliament Representative who is also Minister of Tourism will lead them in the 11km ride covering Jalan Lipis and into Kampung Baharu Sempalit Hilir, back to Jalan Lipis and around Raub town before finishing at Raub Lake garden again.


The event was flagged off at about 7.00 in the morning with Minister of Tourism, Dato’ Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen leading about 300 cyclists who are not only residents of Raub but from other parts of Pahang.

The Cuti Cuti 1 Malaysia (CC1M) Sunday Bike Ride @ Raub was a followup of Cuti Cuti 1 Malaysia @ Raub Cycling Package launched on 6th May 2012. The Minister hopes Raub will be the nucleus of and attraction for Sunday Bike Ride to be organised on the first Sunday of every month.

The main objective of this program is to promote Raub as one of the cycling tourism destination and indirectly will spur tourism growth for Raub which in turn gives an impact on her economy.

Domestic Marketing Department of  Tourism Malaysia had already identified a few programs for CC1M Sunday Bike Ride@ Raub to be implemented every month with the following objectives:

  • promote and publicize development of local tourism products and increase tourism activities throughout the District of Raub.
  • Spur economic growth and increase income through tourism activities for local citizens
  • As a support to Persekutuan Kebangsaan Berbasikal Malaysia, state government and local cycling associations through organizing cycling activities.
The Minister hoped that this monthly activity will attract people from all walks of life not only local Raub residents but also those from surrounding areas such as Temerloh, Bentong Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur.
In tandem with the government policy this cycling activity can induce sportsmanship and positive healthy lifestyle among Malaysians. Make it as a family gathering and outing to knit a closer relationship within the family and neighbours. Cycling is also trending worldwide and it is reported sales of bicycle had increased between 20-20% since the program was launched.

The event ends with lucky draws and the main prize of the lucky draw a Shimano Marsstar was won by a cyclist who came from Fraser’s Hills.


For Further Details about this program you can contact:

Puan Hazrina Azman,

Deputy Director,

Department of domestic Marketing,

Tourism Malaysia

Phone : +603 8891 8437

email :

Note: Thanks Tourism Pahang for extending the invitation of this program to media and bloggers.

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