Catch London 2012 In 3D On ESPN

At Golf City, Level 4 of Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC), ASTRO launched the London 2012 Olympic in 3D and for the second time the Special TV Pass. The launch was announced by Vice President of Sports Business, ASTRO, Mr Lee Choong Khay. 

We are very pleased to present the biggest ever coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games in Malaysia, in partnership with Astro. Malaysians can expect the most comprehensive broadcast of the Olympic Games. This includes a 3D channel on ESPN 3D for the first time, as well as extensive coverage in high definition (HD) and standard definition(SD) that is a testament to our commitment to showcase the best television viewing experience of the Games to Malaysians,” 

– Mr Adam Zecha Executive Vice President, Head of Sales for SEA, ESPN STAR Sports.


ESPN STAR Sports is the official broadcaster of the London 2012 Olympic Games on Astro, and Astro customers can look forward to the biggest and most extensive coverage in Malaysian history. This includes 24-hour coverage on 10 dedicated ESPN STAR Sports channels covering the Games with LIVE and first-run coverage in both HD and SD, as well as on a dedicated 3D Channel on Astro. 

Astro’s coverage also includes an additional interactive channel that features programme details, quizzes and a ‘mosaic’ screen that allows sport fans to navigate between channels fluidly on these channels; 
  • ESPN (Astro Ch 812), 
  • STAR Sports (Astro Ch 813), 
  • ESPN HD (Astro Ch 832), 
  • ESPNEWS (Astro Ch 818

during the Games. 

Astro B.yond HD customers subscribing to the Sports pack can catch over 200 hours of exciting 3D coverage throughout the Games, with a mix of LIVE action, as well as highlights of the Games. This will include the Opening Ceremony [July 28th (Sat) at 4am] and the Closing [August 13th (Mon) at 4am] ceremony, as well as other popular Olympic events such as athletics, swimming, diving, gymnastics and many more. All those will also be available in 3D for the very first time.

“With the 3D Olympic coverage this year, Astro customers can definitely look forward to a whole new immersed viewing experience” said Mr. Lee Choong Khay, Vice President, Sports Business, Astro in his opening speech.
Astro B.yond HD customers can truly enjoy the London 2012 Olympic Games in spectacular 3D EVERYDAY, from July 28th  until August 13th on the dedicated 24-hour Olympic channel on Astro (ESPN 3D, channel 838).
Note: Well of course you need the 3D spectacle like these
or maybe you still keep your wierd looking 3D glasses when you go for 3D movies at the theatre


ASTRO subscribers who do not choose the Sports Package are not left behind when they can subscribe to the SPECIAL TV PASS, via a one-time payment of RM50. The SPECIAL TV PASS will entitle Astro customers to a premium access with comprehensive coverage of the Games, without having to subscribe to the Astro Sports Pack on a monthly basis.

We are also pleased to extend the Special TV Pass once again to Astro customers for the upcoming Games, allowing Astro customers flexibility and choice” he added.

Astro customers who wish to subscribe to the Astro Sports Pack or the Special TV Pass can do so via the newly launched Astro Service Portal (Channel 200) – a brand new service that is available at the tip of your fingers via your Astro remote button.

Alternatively, please contact 1300 82 3838 or SMS ASTRO<space>Astro Acc No#SPORTS to 32888* (e.g. ASTRO 0812345678#SPORTS) to subscribe to the Astro Sports Pack. Non-Sports Pack customers who wish to subscribe to the SPECIAL TV PASS to the London 2012 Olympic Games can call us at 03 9543 9833. *Standard telco charges apply. Customers can also log on to to subscribe to the Astro Sports Pack.
For more information, please contact:-
Ong Hsieh Lien, AVP Stakeholder Communications, Astro
Tel: 03-9543 6688 ext 2625
About Astro Malaysia Holdings
Astro Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s leading integrated media group with operations in 4 key businesses: Pay TV, Radio, Content and Digital. Launched in 1996, Astro today has a 50% penetration of TV homes in Malaysia or 3.1 million customers, making it a key pay TV operator in Southeast Asia. Astro broadcasts over 154 channels, of which 22 are in HD, is a leading edge innovator with its introduction of HD, 3D and PVR – a first in Malaysia, and also Video-On-Demand, Over-the-top content and IPTV service. It is the leading aggregator, creator and distributor of original multi-language content of various genres across multi-channels. Its radio network both terrestrial and digital covers all key languages cumulatively reaching 13 million listeners a week and ranked among the top 10 stations in the country. Its digital arm involved in digital publishing, applications and platforms as well as publication of entertainment and lifestyle magazines locally. For details, log on to
About ESPN STAR Sports
ESPN STAR Sports is a 50:50 joint venture between two of the world’s leading cable and satellite broadcasters. As Asia’s biggest sports content provider, ESPN STAR Sports combines the strengths and resources of its parent companies – Walt Disney (ESPN, Inc.) and News Corporation Limited (STAR) – to deliver a diverse array of international and regional sports to fans across multiple platforms.
ESPN STAR Sports features a comprehensive portfolio of multimedia assets including its television networks (ESPN, STAR Sports, STAR Cricket, ESPNEWS, ESPN HD, STAR Cricket HD), broadband network (ESPN Player), digital content services (, mobileESPN),  and its on-ground Event Management Group with the aim to engage and entertain sports fans anytime, anyplace.
ESPN STAR Sports showcases an unparalleled variety of premier sports from around the globe featuring some of the most iconic sports events to viewers across 24 countries in Asia through its 25 television networks and 3 broadband networks, each localized to deliver differentiated programming to meet diverse needs of Asian sports fans.

Malaysian Tigers In Action @ London 2012

Our heroes who will carry the Jalur Gemilang at the 30th Edition of Summer Olympics London 2012

 27th July 2012

Chu Sian Cheng – 26 Years old
Event : Mens Individual- 4 pm, Men’s Team- 4 pm
Haziq Kamaruddin – 19 Years Old
Event : Men’s Individual – 4 pm, Men’s Team – 4 pm
Khairul Anuar Mohamad – 20 Years Old
Acara: Individu Lelaki – 4 pm, Men’s Team – 4 pm
Nurul Syafiqah Hashim – 18 Years Old
Event : Women’s Individual  – 8 pm

28th July 2012

Peng Soon Chan – 24 Years Old
Liu Ying Goh – 23 Years Old
Event: Mixed Doubles  – 4 pm
Kien Keat Koo – 26 Years Old & Boon Heong Tan – 24 Years Old
Event: Mens Double – 4 pm
Lee Chong Wei – 29 Years Old
Event: Men’s Individual – 4 pm
Jing Yi Tee – 21 Years Old
Event: Women’s Individual – 4 pm


Amir Rusli – 25 Years Old
Event : Men’s Road Race – 5 pm
Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi – 29 Years Old
Event : Air Rifle Women 10m – 3:15 pm

29 July 2012


Peng Kean Yu – 21 Years Old
Event: Individual Sabre Men- 5:30 pm


Jun Hoong Cheong – 22 Years Old
Pandelela Rinong Pamg – 19 Tahun

Event: 3 m Spring Board Synchronise Diving Women 10 pm

30th July 2012 
Khairulnizam Mohd Afendy – 19 Years Old
Event : Mens Laser  – 7 pm

31st July 2012
Mun Yee Leong – 27 Years Old
Pandelela Rinong Pamg – 19 Years Old  
Event: Synchronise Spring Board Diving Women 10m – 10 pm
3rd August 2012
Jun Hoong Cheong – 22 Years Old
Yan Yee Ng – 19 Years Old
Event:  Women 3m – 9:30 pm
1 August 2012
Bryan Nickson Lomas – 22 Tahun
Qiang Huang – 30 Tahun
Event: Synchronise Men’s  3m – 10 pm
2nd August 2012

Khoo Cai Lin – 23 Years Old
Event : Women Freestyle 800m – 5:27 pm

4th August 2012
Azizulhasni Awang – 24 Years old
Event: Men Sprint – 5 pm
Josiah Ng Onn Lam – 32 Years Old
Fatehah Mustapa – 23 Years Old

Event : Women Keirin – 1 am

6th August 2012
Track & Field
Lee Hup Wei – 25 Years Old
Event : High Jump Men – 2:05 am
Noraseela Mohd Khalid – 32 Years Old 
Event : Womens 400m Hurdles – 2 am

7th August 2012
Azizulhasni Awang – 24 Years Old
Josiah Ng Onn Lam – 32 Years Old
Event : Mens Keirin  – 5 pm


Ken Nee Yeoh – 29 Years Old 
Qiang Huang – 30 Years Old   
Event : Spring Board 3m Men – 2 am

8 August 2012
No Malaysian competing as at blog time

9 August 2012
Traisy Vivien Tukiet – 18 Years Old 
Acara: Terjun Papan Anjal Wanita 10m – 9 Ogos – 2 pagi
Pandelela Rinong Pamg – 19  Years Old 
Acara: Terjun Papan Anjal Wanita 10m – 9 Ogos – 2 pagi,
Swimming Marathon
Heidi Gan – 23  Years Old 
Women Marathon 10km – 7 pm

11th August 2012
Bryan Nickson Lomas – 22 Years Old   
Event:  Spring Board Diving Men 10m – 2 am

For Full Competition Schedule  Results CLICK HERE 

London 2012 WEBSITE
London 2012 Twitter

Mufti’s Agree Our Athlete Postphone Fast

London2012 has been scheduled to take place during the time when Muslims the whole world over are performing their compulsory fasting in Ramadhan. Not only Malaysian Muslim athletes have to give maximum performance during the fasting month, but also other Muslim athletes. 
Fasting during the month of Ramadhan has been observed piously as a as an act of worship to Allah SWT. By all means obedient Muslims will fast without fail and it is one of the five pillars of Islam. Islam is not a religion of force and does not spread through the end of the sword. Islam provides flexibility to its followers even when it is related to worship. There are times when a Muslim can hold his/her worship based on guidelines agreed upon by Muslim scholars. These guidelines are again based on the Quran and Hadiths.
The following article from Malaysiakini is related to our Muslim athlete who is going to perform during the Ramadhan in the Olympics to be held from 27th July to 12th August 2012. In general, a few Muftis agree that our Muslim athlete can delay their fast since they are musafir’s and it is one of the reason that a Muslim can delay fasting. Wallahualam. 
Mufti setuju atlit Olimpik tangguh puasa

  • Abdul Rahim Sabri
  • 5:01PM Jul 23 2012


Mufti Perlis Dr Juanda Jaya bersetuju dengan pandangan Mufti Perak Tan Sri Harussani dan bekas mufti Perlis Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin supaya atlit Muslim yang mewakili Malaysia di temasya Sukan Olimpik, menangguhkan ibadah puasa.


“Setuju (dengan Harussani dan Dr Asri) sebab mereka (atlit) musafir dan mereka berhak ambil rukhsah dan keringanan yang diperkenankan oleh syarak,” kata Dr Juanda melalui kiriman SMS kepadaMalaysiakini

Bagaimanapun, tokoh agama itu berkata ia terserah kepada atlit tersebut sama ada berpuasa ataupun tidak sekalipun ia merupakan “keluasan agama”.

Dr Juanda mengulas pandangan Harussani dan Dr Asri yang dilaporkan berkata, atlit Muslim boleh menangguhkan puasa bagi mengelakkan daripada dituduh tidak beri kerjasama, diboikot atau boleh menjejaskan peluang kemenangan. 

Malah Dr Asri yang juga pensyarah kanan Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) dilaporkan The New Straits Times sebagai berkata, atlit boleh berbuat demikian kerana mereka bermusafir. 

accin roslan police report against sexuality 2

Isu berkenaan turut mendapat perhatian Persatuan Ulama Malaysia (PUM) yang menggesa Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan (MFK) supaya bersidang bagi memutuskan pandangan mereka berhubung perkara itu.

Setiausaha PUM Dr Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor kepada dihubungi Malaysiakinipetang ini berkata pandangan yang dikemukakan itu bukan pandangan rasmi kerajaan.

“Umat Islam memerlukan satu panduan yang sama. Kita menghormati padangan Tan Sri Harussani dan Dr Asri. Tetapi pandangan mereka tidak mewakili satu badan yang berpusat dari kerajaan. 

“Itu pandangan peribadi mereka,” katanya yang menambah PUM telah berbincang mengenai perkara itu sebelum ini.

Bagaimanapun masyarakat Islam sangat memerlukan keputusan majlis itu dan PUM mahu diselaraskan di peringkat kebangsaan, kata Dr Mohd Roslan lagi. atok vlog

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