Everytime when there is a sports function, one will hardly miss the most common sight of a green Milo van distributing FREE Milo drinks. Children especially will be much more than happy to line up and get a cup of Cold  nutritiousness Milo Drinks and might go back to the end of the line for another cuppa. But even adults will not shy away from the green Milo van. 

Milo and Sports has been very synonymous and been growing together with Malaysian sports and during major sporting events, we can see Milo banners and people wearing T’s bearing Milo motifs at most places. 

Sports is lifelong activities and is one of the best enhancer towards a healthy body and mind. We use to hear about a Healthy Mind is in a Healhty Body and the proverb All Study and No Play makes Jack  Dull boy. Since sports is a lifelong activity, Milo that has been growing with sports embarks on a mission to instill Learning Life’s Lessons Through Sports through their program MILO® PLAY MORE, LEARN MORE® campaign. 
 Nestle Milo’s initiative here is to inculcate sports participation among children which has been deteriorating lately. The pressure for Malaysian children to succeed academically is greater today than ever, and in the process, play time for sports is being pushed aside. In a society obsessed with academic achievement, parents and caregivers equate success solely to academics at the exclusion of play time for sports. What parents and caregivers should understand is that, involvement in sports can play a major role in the physical, social and emotional aspect of a child’s growing process. Great sportsmen begins at childhood stage. 

This is what Datuk Marina Chin, Principal of SMS Bukit Jalil has to say about sports;
Datuk Marina was once our track Queen in the 70s and no women has yet to come close to her achievement on the track. The only other women in Malaysian sports is Pn Hjh Zaiton Othman who is with National Sports Council.

How does the MPML philosophy works?

Identifying the very need of sports in every child’s life, Nestlé MILO® has been advocating sports among children through the MILO® PLAY MORE, LEARN MORE® campaign since 2009 and continues to play an active role in the grassroots level to promote play time for sports among children.
This nationwide commitment targets children aged 6 to 12, families and local communities. Including the local communities in this camp is among the many ways for MILO® to understand the real needs required at grassroots level. MILO® works closely with local communities by providing financial assistance and necessary equipments while local communities contribute by encouraging the community to come together and participate during the camp.

It is hopes that the MILO® PLAY MORE, LEARN MORE® campaign will help educate mothers on the importance of sports for children.

You too can help promote Malaysia grow more sportsmen of the future by getting our children involve in sports. Are we satisfied only  some world class sports men such Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, Nicol Ann David, Azizul Hasni Awang or Pandalela Rinong just to name a few. 

You can download the infographic from this link and click the rectanglular box as shown below. 
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No Gold But LCW Hit The World

Going by the article on Forbes, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei might be the most talked about man in cyberworld immediately after his long stroke shuttle hit outside the the back boundary line and missed the much awaited Gold Medal at London2012. 

Gist of the report: 

  • 16,847 tweets per minute mentioning about the outcome of the Sunday match
  • mentions of Lee Chong Wei himself have spiked to over 9,200 tweets per minutes!
  • Lee Chong Wei garnered nearly 500,000 mentions on Sunday. (Lin Dan only 238,000 mentions)
  • added close to 50,000 new followers on Twitter in 24 hours after his match.
  • #ThankYouLeeChongWei reached No. 3 in the Twitter’s Worldwide Trends list after the match ended
ESPN commentator is right when he said:
Jonathan Liew of The Telegraph wrotehe [Lee Chong Wei] may be Malaysia’s only genuinely world-class athlete, with all the crushing expectation that entails

London2012 is still running (at this blog post time) but it has already filled with attractions. Nor Suryani Mohd Taibi, became first women to compete with an eight month pregnancy period and won her the Baron de’ Coubertain medal. A Korean fencer, Shin A-Lam  refuses to leave the piste being not satisfied with the judging and losing to Germany’s Britta Heidermann in the Women’s Individual Epee. 

Will Lee Chong Wei – Lin Dan’s clash be part of Olympic history to date?
Can Dato’ Lee Chong Wei be nominated as “Malaysia’s Man of The Year 2012″. He has showed us that sports is the uniting factor of one country especially when it relates to Malaysia being a multi-ethnical country. atok vlog

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