Malaysian Women Rugby @ Asian 7s Women Championship

Recently the RSC Dingoes emerge as the Jonah Jones 7s 2012 Cup Champion and at the time of this posting the girls are in Pune, India for the Asian 7s Women Rugby Championship. These girls compete in the tournament on their own expenditure and their grit and determination to try and put Malaysian Women’s Rugby on the international scene is something that has to be respect. I found out these girls compete in competitions locally and Internationally with their own expenditure since they find it difficult to make ends meet to get sponsors. 

I understand that the girls has passed the hat around for funding with a Facebook posting but I have no idea how much they had collected. 

This was the Facebook message posted by the RSC Dingoes, ” We are short of money. So, if any of you would like to chip in, please liaise with Uni ( ) »Even RM10 counts!«
However they are already in Pune flying through Singapore due to a cheaper fare compared flying out of KLIA. 
Asian Women’s Sevens Championship

Day One

09:00 – Hong Kong v India (Pool A)
09:20 – Chinese Taipei v Korea (Pool B)
09:40 – Fiji v Sri Lanka (Pool B)
10:00 – Singapore v Iran (Pool D)
10:20 – Kazakhstan v UAE (Pool D)
10:40 – Thailand v Malaysia (Pool C)
11:00 – China v Philippines (Pool C)
11:20 – Japan v India (Pool A)
11:40 – Chinese Taipei v Sri Lanka (Pool B)
12:00 – Fiji v Korea (Pool B)
12:20 – Singapore v UAE (Pool D)
12:40 – Kazakhstan v Iran (Pool D)
13:00 – Thailand v Philippines (Pool C)
13:20 – China v Malaysia (Pool C)
13:40 – Japan v Hong Kong (Pool A)
14:00 – Korea v Sri Lanka (Pool B)
14:20 – Fiji v Chinese Taipei (Pool B)
14:40 – Iran v UAE (Pool D)
15:00 – Kazakhstan v Singapore (Pool D)
15:20 – Malaysia v Philippines (Pool C)
15:40 – China v Thailand (Pool C)

The Results of day 1

1. Hong Kong 34-0 India
2. Chinese Taipei 45-0 South Korea
3. Fiji 44-7 Sri Lanka
4. Singapore 20-0 Iran

5. Kazakhstan 31-0 UAE
6. Thailand 41-0 Malaysia
7. China 29-0 Philippines
8. Japan 44-0 India
9. Chinese Taipei 26-7 Lanka
10. Fiji 50-0 South Korea
11. Singapore 19-15 UAE
12. Kazakhstan 36-0 Iran
13. Thailand 31-7 Philippines
14. China 49-0 Malaysia
15. Japan 19-5 Hong Kong
16. South Korea 0-43 Sri Lanka
17. Fiji 36-7 Chinese Taipei
18. Iran 10-5 UAE
19. Kazakhstan 39-0 Singapore
20. Malaysia 7-40 Philippines
21. China 41-0 Thailand

Without a better and strong competitor, sports team will not be able to progress in terms of performance. They need more International exposures. That is one of the reason why our champions remain as Jaguh Kampong because there is no opponent in the country to beat them and then they will complacent because of the winning comfort. 

Following are the Asian Rankings
Row Ranking 2012 Asian Champs 2011
Band 1 China 1st
Kazakhstan 2nd
Japan 3rd
Band 2 Thailand 4th
Hong Kong 5th
Chinese Taipei 6th
Singapore 7th
Band 3 India 8th
Iran 9th
South Korea 10th
Malaysia* 12th
Band 4 Philippines (9th 2010)
Sri Lanka (first event)
UAE (first event)

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Results HERE


1-2 Place: China 31 bt Kazakhstan 12
3-4 Place: Japan 17 bt Thailand 7
Other Classifications: 5-6 Place: Hong Kong 24 bt Chinese Taipei 10; 7-8 Place:  India 5 lost to Singapore 29; 9-10 Place: Iran 7 bt South Korea 5; 11-12 Place: Malaysia 0 bt Lao 7.
Semi Final: China 26 bt Japan 0; Kazakhstan 21 bt Thailand 12
Plate Semi Final: India 0 lost to Hong Kong 34; Chinese Taipei 21 bt Singapore 0
Bowl Semifinal: Iran 12 bt Malaysia 0; South Korea 17 bt Laos 12
Quarterfinal: China 41 bt India 0; Japan 17 bt Hong Kong 5; Kazakhstan 29 bt Taipei 0; Thailand 24 bt Singapore 0
1.  China; 2 Kazakhstan; 3  Japan;  4 Thailand; 5 Hong Kong;  6 Chinese Taipei; 7 Singapore;  8 India;  9 Iran; 10 South Korea;  11 Lao; 12 Malaysia
Bowl Winner: Iran; Runner Up: South Korea
Plate Winners: Hong Kong; Runner Up: Chinese Taipei
Cup Winners: China; Runners Up: Kazakhstan.

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  1. Saya mewakili team wanita ragbi malaysia dan salah seorang player team wanita ini MENGUCAPKAN SETINGGI2 TERIMA KASIH tanda penghargaan dan sngt terharu dgn kesudian tuan untk menyokong pasukan kami.majulah sukan untuk negara.

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