AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 – Its Not The End For Football

So we fail to defend the AFF Suzuki Cup but I think most sports fans can accept as to why Dato’ Raja’s boys let us down. I think they fall due to psychological pressure from the biased match official. Most match official who were assigned to officiate sports tournament or matches might knew very well how the host will entertain him so that he will be indebted and can make decisions to the host’s benefit.

Life for Dato’ Raja and his players must go on. Its not the end of the world.

Paralimpiad Malaysia XVI Kuantan

Paralimpiad Malaysia XVI Edition closes its curtain in Kuantan on 14th December 2012. For 4 days spastic sportsmen and women compete among each other to proof that they too are as good as able bodied sportsmen in their own class.
Compared to SUKMA held at the same Kuantan town in Pahang, Paralimpiad did not get much coverage from the media. It is quite disheartening that the disabled sports men still did not get proper treatment from those who are more lucky to be blessed with normal life. 
This is my first involvement with Paralimpiad and I could see the cold reception from the public and media. 
Majlis Paralimpik Malaysia is working hard to put disable sports men as near as possible to able bodied sportsmen but it is a mountain for them to climb. At Olympic level they had already proved they are on par with able bodied sportsmen when they too clinch a Silver and a Bronze.  

Go HERE and HERE for news about Paralimpiad atok vlog

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