End Of The Road For Xperienceoflife

I received an unexpected email from Blogger with the following subject, Blogger blog takedown notification – http://xperienceoflife.blogspot.com/

The blog that I had been managing since March 2006 was forced by Blogger to go off public. That means its only me will be able to read the archives.

I will not appeal Blogger to revert their action but will not create new blog using blogger and will now switch to WordPress. They think that they are giving free lunch to bloggers, they can do anything to them.

This WordPress blog is a paid site and I hope it will not face the same problem as blogger blogs.

However I still have a few more blogs on Blogger and if they take down one by one let them do it.

Author: atok zaha

I am just a small blogger writing about sports, travel and lifestyle and turned into a social media influencer. Will undertake to accept write up invitations. to blog and to share on my social media platforms,

6 thoughts on “End Of The Road For Xperienceoflife”

  1. I got this notification too T3T. since you got this nightmare like me, then what should I do about this?

    – delete that post?


    – delete all posts and delete my blog?

    thanks for your help…

      1. thank you for your fast reply. I’m so glad but can you explain me more?

        – Do you mean I can leave my effected post in draft forever and don’t need to delete it?

        – or I should delete that post permanently?

        – I need to reply anything to blogger too or not?

        thank you advance for your next reply.

    1. You can just leave the blog as it is since you can still access it. No use contacting blogger because they will not response. I sent a protest but no action was taken. So, I’d advice you either start a new blog or switch to wordpress. I had switched. However, to me wordpress is not so userfriendly as blogger.

  2. so I don’t need to waste time for replying mail to blogger…

    So I just leave that effected post in draft and other posts (that not effected) in my blogger can be public like before?

    thank you for your helpful advice.

    I use blogger for a long time and I don’t know why blogger don’t say anything in notification about who or anything wrong in my post in more detail. My post has no image but it is info about comic book volume list.

    I don’t know why list like this is wrong.

    My blog is work for my hobby so I do with my heart and leave it many months when i’m busy but I don’t know my hobby will make headache.

    1. Yes, you can copy that post and paste it in a new blog. My blog was lockdown because of NuggnangX. One of the advertisement had malware on it. When the advertisement expired the malware still remains on my blog. If you know someone who understand HMTL, maybe he can help you to track down the malware script and clean it. Then only you can send a message to blogger to reinstate your blog.

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