Entering 2013 With #SBB2013

It has been a bit slow for me and now it is already reaching the end of January. My blogging activity doesn’t seem to kick of to a faster pace.

All of a sudden an email prompted me to click and log in to my Facebook account mentioning about a blogger event “Sepetang Bersama Blogger” or #SBB2013. It will be organised by Denaihati. com. This will be my first appointment with them.

A bit too late because it has passed the closing date. However I tried my luck to inquire whether i can still register. The first response was “sorry, closed” Well, it not be my fortune to be part of the event.

After lunch, I check my FB inbox and found that my request had been approved due to another earlier participant couldn’t make it to the event. So, I sent in my particulars and will be attending the event after all.

Such event is a place for young, new and aspiring bloggers to meet and get to know experience bloggers, famous bloggers, well-known bloggers and learn from their experience. It is also an opportunity to widen your network because opportunities in blogging depends much on networking.

I learn it through experience. If you had been reading blogs about bloggers attending events and walk away with doorgifts and souvenirs, it means those bloggers get invited by friends. If you do not have friends (and I mean good friends) chances of your being invited is as good as zero.

Another factor getting invites is traffic. You must build traffic so that event organisers might trip upon your blog while searching for blogs. More traffic means wider market for them.