Habits Die Hard

I was in a sardine pack monorail from Bukit Bintang station to Hang Tuah. It was already the second monorail that came after I can’t board the previous because it was really packed. Luckily I was already at the front of the line and manage to enter after being squeezed by commuters from behind. At least at Bukit Bintang station there are security personnel on duty to check commuters boarding the monorail.

At Imbi station it was worst, commuter just pushed in and squeezing those already inside the train. Where is the security to manage the crowd. Bukit Bintang and Imbi are two of the stations that has heavy traffic especially after office and shops closes.

When the monorail reaches Hang Tuah station, its the reverse. Commuters from inside starts pushing to get out. They can’t even be patient because not only them are going to disembark. Other in front of them too are going.

This pushing habit has been a habit among commuters. They can’t event wait for a few seconds.

Its habit die hard.