U Mobile Is Just Another Broadband Package

Last month after I won an iPad during a lucky draw, I went out in search of a Broadband package. I ended up subscribing to U Mobile since they had an attractive package for prepaid customers.

I thought it was a promising package but seems it is as worse as other Broadband packages in the country. They never fulfil their tagline. U Mobile boast as the fastest Broadband in the country. Even they said the speed can be 42Mbps but my prepaid package of M40 is only 7.2Mbps. That is what I was told by the guy at the counter at Berjaya Times Square.

Everything was just words. I hardly can get connected to the internet on U Mobile most of the time. So whenever I wanted to surf, I had to find a WiFi hotspots.

I had wasted RM 58 to subscribe to the package inclusive of a RM8 starter pack, RM40 compulsory reload and another RM10 to change from the normal Sim Card to a Nano Sin Card.

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Do you know that there is a hospital to rehabilitate your lingering physical injury in Kuala Lumpur?

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@Yes Broadband Eats My Credit

It was a nightmare and of course it happens after midnight for two times.

I reload online a valuepack of RM68 for my YES account at 6.56 pm. Then it was a normal surfing and then at about 1.00 am, webpages could not load or refreshed and this “No Credit” message appears on screen.

Surprised though. I had reloaded a few hours back and within 5 hours all had been depleted. It was just a normal surf, reading emails, engaging on facebook. No You Tube, No movie download, no songs download. It was just out of my normal daily usage pattern. See attached screen capture. This happens on 18 February 2013. More than 4 Gb was used up. Compare to my daily usage.



I immediately send a tweet to @YES4G and after a few exchanging twwet the next morning, they forward it to @YESCARE.

I received a phone call from Yes Care and they can’t help me. What I got was an advice to change my password which I did. However the system did not change my password and everytime it was a “ Your request for change password is in the process, please try again later”. So it means I could not update the password.

I did another reload on 19th February 2013 for the same amount. However I could not surf because my laptop can’t find the Yes dongle after I upgraded to Windows8 ver and its patch but still the dongle was not found. I roll back to Windows 7. For the whole day on 20th, I couldn’t get connected using my Yes account. (See my attached photo again).

After rolling back to Windows 7 on 22nd February only can I continue to surf starting at about 9.00 PM. However about 12.30 AM, the “Out of Credit” message appears again.

I sent a tweet to @Yes4G and @YesCare but at the time I compose this post, there is no response froma either of them. I know people at Yes Care will not be able to help me and YTL will just laugh their way to the bank.

AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015

Asian Cup 2015 Australia Qualifying Round kick-off starts today (6 Januari 2013) and Malaysia play Qatar at Al-Sadd Stadium in Doha. After the final whistle QATAR 2 MALAYSIA 0. Can the Tigers keep up the momentum to be a winning side and forget this first loss.

Malaysia will host Yemen at Shah Alam Stadium on 22 March 2013.


For Full Schedule & Results CLICK HERE

Why Apple Make Life Miserable?

I posted earlier about subscribing to U Mobile Broadband for my iPad internet access. Apple make things difficult for users when they introduce the nano SIM after Samsung (SIII) shrink them from normal SIM to Mini SIM.

When I subscribed I did not reload with the RM40 for internet access. When I visit U Mobile at Berjaya Times Square to change to Nano SIM card, the normal SIM I purchased earlier was made invalid when they move my subscription to the Nano SIM.

Well, I learn a new lesson. How to reload on the iPad. Personnel at U Mobile told me I cannot do it on my iPad. I have to buy a SIM adapter and reload it using the normal phone. So I had to fork out another RM10 for the adapter. Al in All before I can access the net on my iPad, I have to pay RM68.00.

So now you can see the hassle Apple created to their Apple mobile gadget user? Now I have to eject the Nano SIM, insert it into the adapter, shove it into a mobile phone, reload, eject, take out the Nano SIM and reinsert back into my iPad. It will be a routine, if I stay on.

I just wonder why not U Mobile follow YES when subscribers can reload online even if there is no credit in the account. Subscriber can still get connected to YES for the reload process. Technology should make life easier and not the other way round.

Waze Make Me Lost In Putrajaya

I wanted to test and try using waze this morning for my trip to Putrajaya. One on my mobile phone and another ony my iPad. 

Everything was smooth until I reached Putrajaya. Waze on my mobile phone lead me to Precint 11 when I set as Lebuh Perdana Putrajaya. At one point, the voice alert on mobile phone tell me to turn right while on my iPad asked me to turn left. I get lost in Precint 11. 

However I use my instinct tells me too ditch both GPS aided directions. I switch to google map and use it to guide me to Precint 2. It also helps that I some sort of knew Putrajaya and manage to arrive to my destination not with the help of Waze but Google map. 

So can you totally trust GPS aided route to reach your destination. However this maybe an isolated case because a few days back it lead me to the right location in Skudai. 

I am not accusing Waze of giving me the wrong direction but it just gave me the wrong direction. 

The night before I tested a route from Kinrara to my home in Jalan Bukit Jalil Indah 4 but it keep giving me the route to another location at Kinrara. 

I just wonder why waze do not have the function point on map just like Google Map. It can help if one do not not know the name of the location.



Tourism is organising the second Malaysian International Tourism Conference in Mac. Bloggers had been invited to submit their travel blogs for nominations under various categories.

Last year I submitted my …as I Travel …as I Travel but did not win any awards. Well, I know where I stand.

I had already sent in my application to attend the conferenceconference this year to be held at KLCC on 5th and 6th Mac 2013. Travel bloggers can take this opportunity to create their networking and learn new experiences from seasoned bloggers.

iPad And Nano SIM

I won a iPad at #SBB2013 @denaihati. remember I post in in my last update?

To own a iPad means I have to change from using Android platform to iOS. Its a totally new platform to me. Another thing I have to learn as if I am new to IT gadget. All this while I was already well acquainted with my Samsung Tablet and know what, when and how to manouvre it with ease. With the iPad I have to learn more new manouvre, tips and tricks. Hence I have to buy a guide book ‘BDM’s Definitive guide to : The New iPad”

I missed many controls that was on Samsung tablet but while getting along, I hope I can retain some if not all the controls.

Besides learning the ABC of iOS platform, I also have to join those who had to change from the normal SIM card to a Nano SIM card, the smallest of all the SIMS. However I am among those who walk through the shrinking of the SIM card.

When I bought my first handphone, a Motorola M400, the SIM card was a full credit card size. Then it shrink to the normal SIM that most of us are using today. When I bought a Samsung Galaxy S III, I learn that it uses a Mini SIM, which is smaller. Just imagine the man over the counter from whom I bought the phone did not tell me that SIII uses a mni SIM. I founf out the SIM than I had been using on my Blackberry can’t fit into the SIII, only I knew about the shrinking SIM.

I am not sure whether Malaysian Telcos have Mini SIM for subscribers because my normal SIM was cropped by a phone vendor the turn it into a Mini SIM.

I was not aware too that Apple too is making consumer’s life difficult by introducing the nano SIM. Wonder why Apple is so selfish that their product must not be able to cross into another platform and vice versa except only maybe for Windows. And that too the PCs.

I subscribed to U Mobile because of the better offer. A MB40 prepaid package provides 2GB cap when the same price from Digi only gives 500MB. I registered for the package for RM8 and top up for Broadband RM40.00. Then I have to change from the normal SIM to a Nano SIM for RM10.00. I wonder why don’t they just provide the Nano SIM immediately.


Photo Above the Nano SIM card and below comparison between a normal SIM (Top) and a Nano SIM (Below)NANO SIM

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