Waze Make Me Lost In Putrajaya

I wanted to test and try using waze this morning for my trip to Putrajaya. One on my mobile phone and another ony my iPad. 

Everything was smooth until I reached Putrajaya. Waze on my mobile phone lead me to Precint 11 when I set as Lebuh Perdana Putrajaya. At one point, the voice alert on mobile phone tell me to turn right while on my iPad asked me to turn left. I get lost in Precint 11. 

However I use my instinct tells me too ditch both GPS aided directions. I switch to google map and use it to guide me to Precint 2. It also helps that I some sort of knew Putrajaya and manage to arrive to my destination not with the help of Waze but Google map. 

So can you totally trust GPS aided route to reach your destination. However this maybe an isolated case because a few days back it lead me to the right location in Skudai. 

I am not accusing Waze of giving me the wrong direction but it just gave me the wrong direction. 

The night before I tested a route from Kinrara to my home in Jalan Bukit Jalil Indah 4 but it keep giving me the route to another location at Kinrara. 

I just wonder why waze do not have the function point on map just like Google Map. It can help if one do not not know the name of the location.

Author: atok zaha

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One thought on “Waze Make Me Lost In Putrajaya”

  1. When you use Waze, before driving, after finding a place by its street name or point of interest (POI), make sure the pointer it points to is correct by using its preview feature (to access this feature, you need click on the info “i” on the left next to the street name to pop up its preview page and click the “more” button to see its location directly on the Waze map). You can adjust the pointer to the correct it based on your understanding about the place you want to go. If not, try to get the the nearest place so that you can find its exact location by yourself later.

    Waze rely on a few sources for the POIs (Waze use Google, Bing, Foursquare more in favor of its own POI created by its Waze map editors). The main culprit is Foursquare since Foursquare users like to check in a POI at the wrong GPS location with their Foursquare client. This Foursquare data, being the source for location aggregation, will cause a problem with any Waze.

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