What Ramadan Is All About?

Whenever Ramadan approaches every month, there are  priorities in most (every) Muslims. Some are actions taken well before Ramadan and some during the fasting month. 

1. Those without transport will put aside some allocation to buy tickets for balik kampung during Aidul Fitri celebration. Tickets will be sold out even before the fasting month.

2. Shopping for Raya wear is a must for most since Aidul Fitri is a day when we put up our best dress to mark the success of our soul to overcome hunger by abstaining from consuming food, drinks, sex and whatever that render fasting invalid. Women especially will shop for cloth to tailor made their raya apparels before Ramadan. Or else they will find it hard to find a tailor to cut their dress.

3. What will I have for breaking of fast? Food is aplenty during Ramadan. Bazar Ramadan mushroomed all over the country. Just bring along your money and consumers will be lost of choice. 

4. Tarawih is a prayer that is given by Allah only during the Ramadan. Muslims will flock to suraus and mosques to offer their prayer every night after the Isya’ compulsory prayer. 

5. Fitrah is compulsory for every Muslim. Fitrah is alms that has been bestowed to all Muslim so they can show that they really succumb to Allah’s order. Fitrah has to be paid per head and the amount is usually compared to the staple food that we eat. However in Malaysia the amount had been fixed according to the price of rice grain. 


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