Buzz Me

No, I am not asking readers to Buzz Me, but its the new mobile prepaid in town. The service uses U Mobile stations and thus the coverage is the same as U Mobile.

Today I signup for the package to use it on my iPad. FYI, before I already tried U Mobile but was not satisfied with the service and terminate it by not reloading after it expires. Then you might ask why again use another service that also runs in tandem with U mobile? This Buzz Me is run by another company M8. Go to their Facebook page or their website.

I subscribed to their data Plan B that is RM20.00 /500 MB. So far i have not run my iPad on this service yet. Save money la. Only when there is a need only I will switch on the service. If you want to use their service Data on Pay Per Use it is 5 cents per MB.

Buss Me Starter Pack

Initially i have to buy the start up card at RM10.00 with RM8.00 call credit. Then Top UP RM20.00 for the Data Plan. The card comes with 3 sizes all on one chip: Normal SIM, Mini SIM and Nano SIM. However if I want to reload it will be a bit of a hassle since i have to eject the Nano SIM and load it into a phone with normal SIM size. And of course I have to buy an adapter.

Top up might be easily available because it can be bought at 7E, Giants, Tesco, Petron, Caltex and also on ePay and Touch’nGo.

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