Merdeka Cup 2013

Fixtures for this years Merdeka Tournament has been released and I copied this schedule from Ticketpro. Matches will be played at Stadium Darulmakmur, Kuantan and Stadium Majlis Perbandaran Temerloh, Temerloh, Pahang. For purchasing tickets online go HERE.

To recap, the tournament was incepted in 1957 to honour Merdeka in the same year and Hong Kong emerge as the first champion after defeating Indonesia. Malaya emerge champion the following year defeating Hong Kong. As a record, Malaysia (Malaya included) emerge as Champion for 9 times followed by South Korea and Myanbar (Burma) with 7 wins and 3 wins. 
For previous results GO TO
The tournament was cancelled in 2009 while it was not organised from 2010 -2012. 
Credit: All images belongs to ticketpro.

Internet Hotel Booking – Just An Experience

Recently I travelled to Ipoh for an assignment. It was a 3 days 2 nights outing and had to stay at a hotel.

Being internet savvy, I do my business online through websites that arrange accomodations online. I had used such service when I travel to Hong Kong in 2004.

I searched and found a hotel that gave a good offer, nearly 50% of the rack rate exclusive taxes. So I booked for two nights and paid the dues required. Well I was given a RM73 a night Deluxe room.  Settled and travel to Ipoh.

I had a surprise when I check-in. No!!! I was not shortchanged but the man behind the counter asked me why booked through the internet and mentioned the site that I made the dealing. I was told that walk-in guest can get even a lower rate than what I get through the internet. I can even get RM70 per night for walk in.  So which is worth? 

Maybe you had a better experience. Well, of course it will be a different story if we travel to a foreign land. Or else might lay your head on the sidewalk. 

You Knew This Spot?

Eventhough this not the actual material but this is the actual site that has been carved in the history annals of Malaya. Not many of us might realise that this is the historical spot in the whole of Persekutuan Tanah Memayu when the British Union Jack was lowered and replaced by what now we know as Jalur Gemilang. This happens at midnight of 31st August 1957.

hari wilayah 2010 (51)

This spot is located on Dataran Merdeka in front of the iconic Sultan Abdul Samad building on Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur.

hari wilayah 2010 (54)

This year we celebrate 56

Worst Road Accident In History

It was reported that 37 passengers lost their lives in an accident on the popular tourist resort of Genting Highlands. The bus that they boarded was going down to Kuala Lumpur and fell into a ravine. Not sure how deep because one report (on the internet) says 30 metre while anther 60 metres.

The Star report: PETALING JAYA: Thirty-seven people were killed in the country’s worst road tragedy, after a bus carrying 53 plunged into a 60m ravine near Genting Highlands around 2.45pm Wednesday.

The dead included 24 males and 13 females. Sixteen people were injured in the incident.

The 2.45pm accident happened when the ill-fated bus was descending a steep slope.


Lithium Ion Battery Has A 6 Month Warranty

I came to realise that when I took my Yes 4G huddle to Lot 10 to inquire why it switched off automatically. 

There is nothing wrong with the equipment but I was told the battery does not function as it should be. Well, the battery life has gone over its limit maybe. I bought the huddle in Mac 2012 and the warranty had expired.


The battery had already bloated and can’t even keep the power for more than 20 minutes. So have to buy a new one and it has another 6 month warranty from 18 August 2013.


Repeat of A Minor Accident

It was in 1982 that I dozed while behind the driving wheel. I and my family was traveling back from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar after sending off my sister in-law at Subang Airport.

The first sign that alert me to rest and take a nap was the van veered into the other lane at Batu Caves junction. Luckily those days roads on KL is not as crowded as today. I decided to take a rest at Templer Park.

However just when the resting  place is within sight, I was awaken when the van was pushed back onto the road after hitting the guardrail. Well, I doozed off again. Thanks Allah, the van hit the guardrail. If not for the guardrail, the whole family would have ended in the ravine below.  

From then on I promised to myself not to drive again if I feel sleepy. 

The Malay saying, “Pelanduk sering melupakan jerat, tetapi jerat tidak pernah melupakan pelanduk” is true. 

Coming back home this Aidil Fitri, I had a repeat of the same incident. After taking a rest and nap at Sungai Muda RnR for about 2 hours, I took off while still not fully awake. The bright morning sun ray shining right in front makes things worse. 

I skipped the Sungai Petani South Exit as usually I will do and start using the Federal Route 1 until Alor Setar. I thought I wanted to take the Sungai Petani Utara Exit and skip the expected jam through Sungai Petani town. However Allah might have shielded my intention and I missed the Sungai Petani Utara Exit. So I drove along the highway. 

I did not realise when I dozed off again until the car hit the guardrail. I did not stop to inspect until mu son told me that my mother’s forehead is swollen. She knocked against the side of the car. Image

It was about 10-15 Km to Gurun RnR where I stop to get some ice to treat her injury. 

Besides her, no one else had any injury. My wife might be saved by wearing the seat belt, while my son was sitting on the right side of the car. 

Thanks Allah, nothing serious had happened to us. 


Perseids – Anyone Saw?

So, did anyone manage to catch the Perseids shower? I think many (me inclusive) was so excited to watch the phenomenal meteor shower but behind that as a Muslim I believe Allah had hidden it. He, the Almighty chooses whom He want to reveal His Almighty power so that we human can succumb to His power. 

Allah might have hidden the phenomenal meteor shower from our eyes by any means He wish. There are reports of rain at most areas in Malaysia, the sky might be cloudy etc. However whatever the reason we can’t witness the meteor shower, we should be grateful that Allah still let us live another day and maybe He will let us see it in future. He has the reason for hiding the meteor shower from us. atok vlog

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