SEO And Online Business Seminars

This is my second presence at internet related seminar. On Merdeka day it was the SEO Seminar organised by Majalah Niaga and today Triple Your Online Sales at South Garden, Mid Valley.

I have attended a few seminar relating to today’s topic but maybe success is still not on my side. I understand itvtake hard work to make my business presence felt on the internet and with the last Seminar on SEO, I hope Incan make some changes to my website.

Online Business, I think is all about people finding your online shop, and that SEO knowledge might help me to put my online shop at least on the first page of Google Search, if not the top three.

I hope I can add more information to this posting later, since at the time of posting this, the seminar has yet to start.


The Seminar was organised by Jomniaga, one of Malaysia’s successful E-Commerce and Affiliate Network. I am not alien to Jomniaga since i join the site a few years back as a member and also as affiliate. I even bought a website from them last year. However the site is not active at the moment. Throughout the seminar, it was presented by one of Malaysia’s successful online and E-Commerce enterpreneur, Gobala Krishnan.

The Seminar was to encourage more business owners to join the Jomniaga affiliate program where they can reach more prospective clients through more than 18k Affiliate with them. Business owner just have to deposit a refundable credit with Jomniaga to be deducted as commissions to Affiliates and Jomniaga if sales are made through the line. The Jomniaga Affiliate Program is based on Pay Per Sales and it is a win win situation for all the parties involved.

As an add-on participants were also briefed on a E-commerce Software, Online Store Builder and  Website Hosting Solution presented by SingTel‘s business Development Manager, Ms Yeap Mei Yi. The site, charges a minimum of RM49 per month for a basic website.

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