Paintball – A Sport For The Not Faint Hearted

Are you game enough to step onto a warfield? In full gear armed with a marker and tactically try to outdo your enemy who has the same equipment as you are? If you want to get the slightest taste of what war is about, then go to your nearest paintball park with your friends and play the game of paintball.

As this tittle says paintball is a sport not for the faint hearted. To play you need stamina and lots of it. You also need the courage, bravery and also physical strength.

The last time I played paintball was about three years ago at the Grand Finals of My NPL at Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. I was just a D4 outfit and my team did not win any medals. The team break out due to personal and work commitments.

Today I had the opportunity to step onto the field again but at my usual playground, ASTAKA in Petaling Jaya but at Cyberjaya. It was the #Cyberjaya Paintball Park (CPP) with a group of bloggers invited by the operator.

Cyberjaya Paintball Park

How To Go To Cyberjaya Paintball Park
Map Showing How To Go To Cyberjaya Paintball Park At Pusat Komuniti Cyberjaya

Pusat Komuniti Cyberjaya housed  Cyberjaya Paintball Park together with other recreational activities and what differentiate CPP from many other paintball fields is that it has three different scenarios; Speedball field, Urban Assault Field and Recball Field all at one venue. There are three scenarios for Recball namely Gua Musang, Hamburger Hill and Sahara while one each for Speedball and Urban Assault.

Cyberjaya Paintball Park Field Layout
Cyberjaya Paintball Park Field Layout. Field 1 Speedball, Field 2 Urban Assault Field 3,4,5 Recball

Cyberjaya Paintball Park also has comfortable basic facilities such as clean changing rooms and ample parking lots not far from the fields.

Charges for the players is as shown in the photo below.

Charges At Cyberjaya Paintball Park
Charges Applicable At Cyberjaya Paintball Park. Credit to CPP Facebook page

Visit Cyberjaya Paintball Park website or FACEBOOK for further details

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