@Yes4G Smoked Out My Credit?

After the latest “tragedy” I am thinking of quitting the use @Yes4G Broadband service. It is quite a nightmare for me since losing my credit while surfing using @Yes4G is not the first time.

I lost my credit to @Yes4G a few times before and even I had reported to @Yes4G, they only can soothe me by just checking my usage record and can do nothing about the money they smoke out from my credit. It was in February 2013 I had experience the same occurance. That time I lost more money since I reload with valuepack of RM68.00 . The usage record sees a surge in usage on 17,18,19 February. Compare my surfing habit on other days. I posted on this blog and then only they start contacting me. READ IT HERE. After they checked with my record, they found out about something (I can’t quite remember) about some power outage at my area and thats why my credit goes up in smoke. Is it my fault?  The customer service said something about reimbursing but till this moment not a single cent came back to me.

The latest incidence was on 10 Sept 2013. I reloaded online rm50.00 and a few minutes later was able to start surfing. Then about an hour later loading seems to halt. I thought maybe the traffic was heavy and hence slowing the speed. Only later on the No Credit Page appear. I checked my account and there is RM0.00 credit about an hour and a half later. What!!!! RM 50.00 in just about one hour? My usage record shows that habitually I just use up on average less than 200 MB per day and how many Mb of data do I have with RM50.00. CHECK MY USAGE RECORD HERE. Immediately after I found out there is RM0 credit left. I tweet @Yes4G and then search their Facebook Page. Coincidentally there is another customer who reported that his reload was not shown in his account. My tweet to @Yes4G was not answered until the next day.

Until I drafted and upload this posting, no call what soever but the Facebook response that my case had been forwarded to their @Yes4GCare, come from @Yes4G. It seems their customer service declining too. I hope Tan Sri Dato’ Francis Yeoh Sock Ping

All in all I had lost about RM254 (can minus lar, about RM50 combined that I manage to surf fruitfully) to @Yes4G.

So, I will be shopping for another ISP. 

Author: atok zaha

I am just a small blogger writing about sports, travel and lifestyle and turned into a social media influencer. Will undertake to accept write up invitations. to blog and to share on my social media platforms,

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