Pizza Hut Discriminatory For Disabled?

I was surprise to read a posting on Facebook that Pizza Hut Mid Valley refused wheelchair customers to patronise the outlet.


How nice it has to happen to individual with some power as a Councillor. What if he is just another disabled on wheelchair?

This is the posting on Facebook without any editing:

A CITY COUNCILLOR was told this afternoon by a Pizza Hut manager to get out of their restaurant because of his wheelchair.

Anthony Thanasayan who is councillor for Petaling Jaya and an activist for disabled rights was scheduled to have a lunch appointment with an able-bodied person.

When Thanasayan requested to choose where he wanted to sit with his friend in the half-empty restaurant, he was told point blank by Pizza Hut restaurant manager Niq Ribiya that her outlet had a strict and clear policy not to welcome customers in wheelchairs.

She went on to say that these were the instructions given to her by her Area Manager by the name of Ms Rozita.

Thanasayan and his friend were denied of a meal in Pizza Hut. A complaint was immediately made to Mid Valley’s Customer Care Manager Kenny Tan who rushed to the scene.

Please make your strongest protest against Pizza Hut for this shocking discriminatory practice.

Kindly share this post widely to stop discrimination against Malaysians with disabilities in the country.

Malaysia Airlines – The Way I See It As A Passenger

Malaysian Airlines
Malaysian Airlines


I can’t remember when was the last time I fly on Malaysian Airlines (MAS) since my organization changed our travels to Airasia. It was in the mid 90s. Since then I had no opportunity to fly on MAS until recently.

Mot much changes on the outfit of MAS except with the addition of new plane to its fleet and changes on their body paints.

I saw this original MAS paintwork on one of their aircraft at Kuching airport with their original Wau Bulan Logo. It is a good idea to keep this original design as a nostalgic monuments in the history of Malaysia Airlines after their separation from Malaysia singapore Airlines in 1972

Original Desing on Malaysian Airlines Plane
Original Design on Malaysian Airlines Plane
among ther earlier MAS fleet of aircraft, with the original design
Among the earlier MAS fleet of aircraft, with the original design – Photo from Going Places April 1997

During my last flight to and fro Kota Kinabalu from KLIA I was ware the changes in crew attires and also the interior finishing of their new fleet pf boeing 737-800. I fly Malindoair to Kuching two weeks before and both on the same type of aircraft. MAS had changed from their batik motif seats to the leather look with tone of maroon (on the plan I was on) Not sure if all their 737-800 fleets has the same colouring.

Meals on board not much changes only that the present caterer is Brahim’s istead of MAS Catering. Well, is MAS Catering still in business? with Brahim’s, the Briyani Chicken was superb and the smell caught the nostrils immediately when the crew starts preparing to serve when the seatbelt sign was switched off. I did not take any pictures of the meal sets since there not much difference from the last.

Touch Screen facilities for your In Flight entertainment
Touch Screen facilities for your In Flight entertainment

When I was on Malindoair flight earlier I thought they had outsmart MAS but my thoughts was wrong. In fact maybe all Boeing 737-800 comes with inflight entertainment facilities.  So if your mobile gadget is running out of battery juice, just remember to bring along your USB cable to charge and of course its included in your airfare.

With the entertainment screen in front of every passenger, there is no more opportunity for SOME male passengers especially to voyeur on the cabin crew demonstrating the safety procedures. (LOL)

There’s a selection of entertainment to suit all passenger if not 100%. Movies, Music, Cartoon all in the package. There is also the Quran on screen if you want to read the Quran while in flight. Musics include most genres including Nasyid and after finishing The Heat acted by Sandra Bullock, I entertain myself with Nasyid number from Maher Zain. flying on MAS will now not be a boring one unless you want to doze off all the way.

FYI, I still keep this copy of Going Places, a special Wings of gold Commemorative Issue for 50th anniversary of Malaysia Airlines. I know it will be an antic publication many-many years to come and I will keep it for monetary purpose. I have two copies of the issue, but trying to locate where’s the other one.


Adventure Seekers – AWE2013

Adventure World Expo 2013
Adventure World Expo 2013

Mark your date from 19 – 20 October 2013 – The 2nd Adventure World Expo (AWE) 2013 sets out to being one of the exclusive and official sports and travel expo aiming to achieve many firsts in outdoor adventure sports exhibitions showcase in Malaysia and also internationally.
‘Motivation, Inspiration and Challenge’ are the focus of this year’s Adventure World Expo as it represents the core values of sports enthusiast and adventure seekers in achieving great heights in their specific areas and activities.
AWE2013 will be the best platform to connect avid sports enthusiast and first time adventurers in Malaysia and all across Asia to get not only information on the available sports activities but also to get great deals and offers on products and packages offered.



Power Banks? You Might Have Bought A Bag Of Sand Instead

Power Banks seems to be a compulsory for todays mobile gadget. From your mobile phones to phablets and tablets, they all consume a lot of power and while on the move, you need to recharge your gadgets. Its a source of power if you can’t find a power outlet to charge your gadgets. Even if you can find one, the time taken to charge will make you immobile for a few hours maybe.

Power banks are aplenty in the market today. Either at computer and IT stores or on the internet. They come in different prices, shapes and voltage. Choose the one suitable for you and what you are going to charge.

However NOT all power banks in the market is considered safe for your consumption.  I bought two powerbanks and receive a small lipstick powerbank free. However the small powerbank 2800mAh did not work at all except for the small built in torchlight . It can’t charge my simple handset. Luckily its FREE with a loyalty membership from a IT shop. Anyway I wasted my RM50 for that one year membership.

Talking about powerbanks I think you can read this blog that I stumble on the internet. Beware of cheap powerbanks from China.

Your powerbank might just be filled with sand
Your powerbank might just be filled with sand


Photo Credit from the blog I hyperlink in this posting

Kuching Revisited – India Street

Indian and Chinese towns can be found almost in every major towns and cities. This showed how determined people from these two descendants are willing to travel to search for greener pastures away from their comfort zones.

Kuching is not spared since there is a street dedicated to this community. Its the India Street in the heart of Kuching.

India Street in Kuching
India Street in Kuching

As the name implies, you can buy goods from Indian and Indian businessman along the road that has been turned into pedestrian mall.

India Street in Kuching
India Street in Kuching

India Street, Kuching

India Street, kuchingIndia Street, KuchingFor map of the location GO HERE


Health – Alkaline & Bionized Water

Alkaline water

Photo Credit:

Note: This post is NOT compiled by me but from an email that was sent to me by a friend. If the rightful owner of this posting feels that I ride on his/her article I am willingly to pull down this posting. Please send me an email requesting so.


Alkaline water has several health benefits. It acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, detoxifies your body, increases your energy, slows down aging, counteracts unhealthy effects of eating acidic foods, and even prevents serious diseases like cancers.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly hoax.


Many websites and few companies have been promoting the drinking of Alkaline, Ionized Water for various health benefits ranging from energy boosting, anti-oxidant potential, anti-acidic and regenerative effects that even prevent serious diseases like Cancers. However, these claims are not backed up by enough scientific evidence.
Alkaline water is ionized water with a pH of more than 7. Depending on the conditions, the natural water available to us ranges in pH from 6.5 to 9.0. Like any other, a pH of 7 is considered Neutral, while less than it is Acidic. Alkaline water is made by electrolyzing normal water in an Ionizer machine, and is supposed to be beneficial to human health.

The Root of Claim

Most (limited) studies say that alkaline ionized water has protective and regenerative features, which is attributed to its negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) indexes that are close to aquatic environment potential of the human body. ORP is a measure of the tendency of a chemical species to acquire electrons and thereby be reduced. According to these studies, the human body’s internal environment must be alkaline, and for this the body should have a negative ORP (-100mV).
Because of its negative ORP, alkaline water supposedly turns into electrolyte that quickly interacts with body’s fluids, creating conditions to facilitate regeneration of injured cells and also protect healthy cells from oxidizers. However, there is no enough research to verify these claims.

The Valid Facts

It is a fact that credible studies have proposed this conceptual kind of “Vital Water” having a reductive characteristic in terms of ORP and a pH value ranging from weak acidity to weak alkalinity is analogous to human body fluid. However, various other conditions apply here. It is also a fact that our bodies have become more acidic because of lot of processed-foods we eat. But scientific research about the benefits of alkalinity is NOT conclusive.
The acronym “pH”, which is a short form for “potential of hydrogen” is a measure of free hydrogen ions a liquid has. The higher the pH, the fewer free hydrogen ions it has, and vice versa. (which signifies pH 7 as the balanced figure in normal conditions – neither acidic nor alkaline). Research has shown that use of alkaline water in plants and animals can have deadly effects, while there are not many studies done on humans.
  • Studies have suggested that pH has a major influence on human cell mitochondria, and so the normal cells die in extremely alkaline environment. A study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry found that rising cellular pH can lead to a condition called alkalosis and induce cell death – because it alters the mitochondrial function.
  • A study out of Cornell University suggests that antioxidants are not proven to be effective against many neurodegenerative diseases, and they state that the key factor here is the function of mitochondria within the cell in certain pH conditions.
  • Few studies have also suggested that cancers and tumors make themselves acidic, and occur even in alkaline cellular structure. Also, other studies have shown that when alkaline treatments do not work, strongly acidic treatments do. An example of this is a 2005 study by the National Cancer Institute, which talked about the use of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to treat cancer. In pharmacologic doses administered intravenously, it was found that ascorbic acid successfully killed cancer cells without harming the normal cells.
All these findings suggest that the links between alkalinity (also the usage of alkaline water) and cancer has been oversimplified, jumping to premature conclusions. So drinking alkaline water is no magic solution to preventing or treating cancer. However, many websites and companies sell their water ionizers with these false claims that are not even approved.


For human body to function well, it can be neither too acidic nor too basic. Moreover, we do not just have one pH level. Our stomach should have an acidic pH ranging from 1.35 – 3.5 because it is meant to aid in digestion. And then our blood must always be slightly alkaline, with a pH of 7.35 to 7.45. So it is all about the right balance.
If you keep drinking alkaline water all the time, you are sure to raise the alkalinity of your stomach, which can impair its normal ability of digesting food, and this can lead to nutritional disequilibrium. It is best to use natural water which is clean and purified, the optimal pH being between 6.5 and 7.5.We believe that alkaline water, used as a medicine for short period of time may be useful to a certain extent – in people with acidity related problems. But for this, we advise people to take professional medical guidance. People should be careful with those sellers of water Ionizer products who only try to profit from your fear. Also note that in most cases, the Water Ionizers are NOT filters that purify your water.
To optimize your body’s pH, follow a diet rich in raw, organic, whole foods. And if you have acidity problems, it is good to include alkaline vegetables and fruits in your diet, a list of which can be read from the reference section below.


HOT!!!! What If It Does Not Collapse?

Terengganu had earned a new nickname immediately after part of the roof of Stadium Sultan Mizan collapsed and then followed by other building and structures.The news that part of the wall of a building in Bandar Darulaman Jitra collapsed on October 8th but thanks god there is no casualty.  The building is a wholesale store belonging to CMart.

CMart in Bandar Darulaman Jitra collapsed
CMart in Bandar Darulaman Jitra collapsed

The store starts operating last August to cater for the Bandar Darulaman community including Jitra and the surroundings. I think everybody have all smile when it opens including the authorities. Now when tragedy strucks, only we know that the building was illegaly used. This was mentioned by the Kubang Pasu Municipal Council President, Encik Zahari Ismail. What if the building stays intact and nothing happens. Will we know that the building was illegal?

According to Zahari, it was supposed to be just for storage purposes in their license and not a shopping mall. The location of the building is very visible in the new Bandar Darulaman Industrial area and definitely the community of Jitra and Bandar Darulaman are aware of its existence as a wholesale mart since it starts operating when Muslims are preparing for their Hari Raya Aidil Fitri last August. Why then does the Kubang Pasu Municipal Council did not take any action. I am sure staffs and officers of the council had patronise the store since it was opened and is it not surprising the council was not aware about the licence?

What if the collapsed wall causes death? Nobody except the owner of the building and the Kubang Pasu Municipal Council Officers knew that the building violate its licence  but action was not taken then and activities within the building operates without a CF. Now will there be scapegoats? Watch this video about the building regulations. After watching the video, whats your view and comments.



Kuching Waterfront Revisited – Water Tour

I am not sure when was the last time I visited Kuching but this year I had the opportunity to visit her again.

At the usual place of interest, the Waterfront, there is not much change from what I saw a few years back. Night along the slow flowing Sungai Kuching seems not lively. Maybe its due to the siesta fever after the most celebrated event in Sarawak this year, the 50th Merdeka anniversary.

Even though the night seems so dull, apart from the musik jalanan from a busker, there still is the popular gambier Sarawak peddler (maybe a change in peddler) around besides the beads and pearl accessories seller.

Signage of daily river activities for tourist is about  the same as what was there since my last visit

The River Cruise is still around but the fare had increased.

Sarawak River Cruise service on The Equatorial to see Sarawak from the river and also the sunset
Sarawak River Cruise service on The Equatorial to see Sarawak from the river and also the sunset
Sarawak river Cruise - The Equatorial
Sarawak river Cruise – The Equatorial


I was told that there’s a water taxi service plying between Satok and the Waterfront for those who want to go and shop for your Ikan Terubok Masin. The normal market place where tourist go and buy the Terubok Masin had been shifted across the Sarawak River to ease the traffic congestion around Satok.

Taxi of a different kind cruising Sarawak River
Taxi of a different kind cruising Sarawak River

DSCF4693Sarawak Water Taxi

Tourist can also take the opportunity to feel the Orang Ulu Traditional boat ride

Try the Orang Ulu Boat ride
Try the Orang Ulu Boat ride
Orang Ulu Boat
Orang Ulu Boat


Apart from these the stalls seems still remain the same.

The only distinct latest view is the Bangunan Dewan Undangan Negeri across the river that can be considered a new background for snapping away photos for memories.

Dewan Undangan Negeri - A New Scenery Across Sarawak River
Dewan Undangan Negeri – A New Scenery Across Sarawak River. The traditional boat ride in frame. atok vlog

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