Cyber Scam – Updated

How far are you willing to be conned when every now and then we hear cases of others being stripped out of their bank account with their blessing. There are two types of cyberscam that is active today. Phone scam and internet scam.

Cyber Scam
Cyber Scam

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The AntDaily carry an article about this Cyber Phone Scam. It is so surprising that still many people fall prey into this scam besides being aware, just because of one thing GREED. Greed for MONEY, Greed to be LOVED.

Modus operandi – you receive a phone call supposedly to be from a genuine source, Bank Negara, Local Banks, Bukit Aman, Insurance Companies etc. You believe them and follow their directives and all of a sudden you voluntarily transfer your money into some “genuine” bogus account. All up in smoke. The advice is NEVER trust any phone calls at whatever reason to transfer your money or reveal your credit card number especially your CCV code (The security number behind your card). If you receive such calls and directives, counter check by calling back the number but NOT the number that called you.

Internet Scam involves emails and chatrooms. If you receive emails from someone you do not know, be vary. what more if the email goes into your Spam folder. The best thing is just Delete Forever. No doubt it will arrive into your mailbox again, but just ignore.

Chatrooms is another avenue where scammers prey on their prospective victim. If you receive friendship request esp from someone who has a handsome or sexy profile photos, just press your warning alert. I have been studying online some of their modus operandi either on websites or my emails.

These new friends if guys, will usually send you common scripted messages such as :

1. Works as an Engineer, Doctor.

2. Works in Engineering, Constructions, Oil and Gas

3. Wife passed away leaving him with a child or two and the kids are living with his moms.

4. Want to send you a present or gift and asked for your home address and phone numbers.

5. Lure you with Casanova persuasion that he had found his dream partner after looking at your photos.

6. Plan to visit you and meet you in person.

7. Invite to invest in a joint venture business project.

It is so sorry to hear that some of our Malaysians, especially housewives and single ladies fall prey to them, to the extend of securing loans to help the new-found friend. In the end the victim has to settle the loans alone.

I pick a few paragraph from TheAntDaily: Commercial Crime Investigation Department’s Cyber and Multimedia Investigation Division assistant director ACP Mohd Kamarudin Md Din has this advice for the public: “When you receive such calls, stay calm. Get the name and position of the person calling you. If you are not sure, call them back. Be inquisitive and meticulous.

They get scared when you ask questions as they are trained to answer questions according to a script. They panic and can’t answer anything out of the script. It is always better to be safe than sorry.”

This is an example of an email tactics sent by the scammers that many GREEDY receivers might fall prey. I was told NOT to betray or expose the trust and confident…….


I am waiting for your reply.

Dear friend,I hoped that you will not expose or betray the trust and confident that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of our both parties. I am contacting you for the sake of business and my name is Mr. Salifaye Abdoulaye, there is one of our customers that made fix deposit at the value of (USD $6.2 Million Six million two hundred thousand Dollars United States Dollars only) for 7 fiscal years upon maturity; I sent routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. After some months, I sent reminder and finally discovered that he died after brief illness in his country. I tried everything humanly possible to locate his relatives but all efforts failed. The deposit is still intact with my bank and the interest is being paid into the principal sum at the end of each year.If this fund still left dormant in the account for couple of months the fund will be confiscated into the government treasury as unclaimed fund. It is for these reasons that I seek for your urgent and sincere help to get this fund transferred into your bank account; a bank account in any part of the world can be use for the transfer.
All that is required of you is to contact my bank with the information’s that I will send to you as the next of kin or business associate to the depositor and the fund will be paid into any bank account that you will provide.

To be honest with you, the transaction I have opened-up to you is totally genuine and 100% risk-free. But the secret must remain between me and you, I am assuring you because I have work with this bank for many years and I know their secrets very well and I have carefully mapped-out my perfect strategies to carry out this transaction successfully. The depositor was my close friend and I was his account manager before his death that is the main reason why I alone working in the bank here, know much about the existence of the fund and the depositor. We shall also use part of the fund to help the orphanage, people in the street and the less privilege children in the world. Please keep this proposal as a top secret between both of us, and delete it immediately in your email box, if you are not interested.

But if you are interested get back to immediately.

I wait for your response.

Mr. Abdoulaye.

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My First Experience On Malindoair

Malindoair is the new kid on the block budget airline in Malaysia. It took to the sky in mid March 2013 with its tagline “Not just Low cost“. Malindoair is a venture of two parent companies- the National Aerospace and Defence Industries (NADI) of Malaysia and Lion Air from Indonesia.

During my recent flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching, I can see that the new service can really attract passengers from other airline in the country. During the first month of operations, Malindoair had served 50,000 passengers and doubled in the second months. The article that appeared in Convergence’s Aug-Sept Issue 2013 mentioned that it has already served close to 170,000 passenger. Malindoair operates from KLIA and also Subang Skypark.

Malindoair is a cross between a full service airline and low cost one, creating a new class of airline. It has Economy class and also Business Class. The comfort of the economy class is in its 32 inches spaces between seats and gives ample leg room, in-house movies and even snacks that can compete with other budget airlines. They has a fleet of 7 planes – 2 ATR 42/72 turbo props planes and 5 Boeing 737s

Check in was at counter F 14 – F16 on Level 5 that is the Departure Level.


Whats inside? Bring along your headphone and listen to music or the sounds of the in house movie you are watching during flight. If your phone or mobile gadget is running out of battery get your USB charging cable and plug in to the port below the screen in front of you.

View from seat 33F on Malindoair
View from seat 33F on Malindoair
Malindoair LCD Screen for In House Entertainment
Malindoair LCD Screen for In House Entertainment

DSCF4733 atok vlog

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