Pizza Hut Discriminatory For Disabled?

I was surprise to read a posting on Facebook that Pizza Hut Mid Valley refused wheelchair customers to patronise the outlet.


How nice it has to happen to individual with some power as a Councillor. What if he is just another disabled on wheelchair?

This is the posting on Facebook without any editing:

A CITY COUNCILLOR was told this afternoon by a Pizza Hut manager to get out of their restaurant because of his wheelchair.

Anthony Thanasayan who is councillor for Petaling Jaya and an activist for disabled rights was scheduled to have a lunch appointment with an able-bodied person.

When Thanasayan requested to choose where he wanted to sit with his friend in the half-empty restaurant, he was told point blank by Pizza Hut restaurant manager Niq Ribiya that her outlet had a strict and clear policy not to welcome customers in wheelchairs.

She went on to say that these were the instructions given to her by her Area Manager by the name of Ms Rozita.

Thanasayan and his friend were denied of a meal in Pizza Hut. A complaint was immediately made to Mid Valley’s Customer Care Manager Kenny Tan who rushed to the scene.

Please make your strongest protest against Pizza Hut for this shocking discriminatory practice.

Kindly share this post widely to stop discrimination against Malaysians with disabilities in the country.

Author: zaharibb

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