Fine Cuisine But Just Stone

Do you ever wonder how patient the sculptor of this stone cuisine, Sun Zhaoyong, attended to his work that took him 20 years to complete? He sculpted 143 Chinese dishes out of stone from a village of Shousan in China. including fish dinners, suckling pis and carved vegetables. All the carved culinary work were from naturally coloured stone.

For his hard work, the artist has been handed a certificate by a world record company in Shanghai, where the dishes are currently on display. Sun used only naturally colored Shoushan stones to create his work. The rock is some of the most famous raw material used in Chinese art. They have been used in for carving in the country for over 1,000 years and are one of the traditional “seal stones’ used by emplerors to immortalise their regal logos.
The rocks are believed to have been formed by tectonic movement more than 100 million years ago and are only found in the village of Shousan. Mining the stones is notoriously difficult, making them rare and valuable. There are around 100 varieties of Shoushan stone, which Tianhuang is the most precious type.


Among the ‘dishes’ are plates of traditional Chinese fish and vegetable dishes
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Hey! What Did You Took Back From The Hotel?


Hahaha…….what do you take home when you check out from your stay at a hotel? Many guest do take home something from the room as souvenir or sometimes just because they had unintentionally (or intentionally) pack them together with what they bring.


Said that I accidentally took home the room key from a hotel and only to realise it when I reached home. But only after the hotel called. So I have to “ask” Pos laju to send it back to the hotel.


I caught up the hobby of collecting plastic cards and nowadays most hotels use the credit card size keycard to open the room door. They have nice pictures and graphics on them and that was what tempted me to keep it as souvenir. Nowadays hotel receptions use to ask for the card back but most of the time I will ask then if I can keep it as a collection unless the card is just a blank card without any graphics on them. .


What else? Of course I collect toiletries too made up of shampoos and soap besides folder and pen or pencil.


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Awani Waze

GPS gadget has been very useful for drivers nowadays since it helps find directions from point A to point B and most of the time accurate. I have not used any GPS gadgets before but with availability of smartphone Apps, there are FREE applications out there. I use Waze eventhough twice it lead me to a wrong place.

According to Astro Awani Traffic, there are 1.5 million active Waze users in Malaysia and the Waze community rakned 15th largest in the world. Waze is owned by Waze Inc. America and Astro Awani has been cooperating with the company to help bring latest traffic update to viewers in Malaysia through Mainstream Media in Malaysia.

awani wazw