Hey! What Did You Took Back From The Hotel?


Hahaha…….what do you take home when you check out from your stay at a hotel? Many guest do take home something from the room as souvenir or sometimes just because they had unintentionally (or intentionally) pack them together with what they bring.


Said that I accidentally took home the room key from a hotel and only to realise it when I reached home. But only after the hotel called. So I have to “ask” Pos laju to send it back to the hotel.


I caught up the hobby of collecting plastic cards and nowadays most hotels use the credit card size keycard to open the room door. They have nice pictures and graphics on them and that was what tempted me to keep it as souvenir. Nowadays hotel receptions use to ask for the card back but most of the time I will ask then if I can keep it as a collection unless the card is just a blank card without any graphics on them. .


What else? Of course I collect toiletries too made up of shampoos and soap besides folder and pen or pencil.


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