Sepetang Bersama Blogger 2014 – Suddenly My Mood Vanished

This is the second time I attended a gathering of Malay bloggers is which had been an annual event since 2012. Organized by Denaihati Network, the gathering this year saw a significant increase in the number of bloggers participating.  The event, Sepetang Bersama Blogger 2014 # SBBYEOS2014 was attended by more than 300 Malay bloggers part of them are first timers.

# SBBYEOS2014 held at Saloma Bistro, MATIC, Jalan Ampang and since registration in the morning it was joyuos and cheerful atmosphere among bloggers in attendance, meeting fellow bloggers and also get to know new bloggers. The gathering is a platform for bloggers to “advertise” their blogs and most of all themselves.

This years gathering received many sponsors with Yeo’s as the main sponsor. It was Yeos everywhere, drins on the table, fun time with Yeos and many more. Beside the main sponsors there are other sponsors making their appearance felt on stage and within the vicinity of Saloma Bistro. Among the sponsors making their appearance on stage was Ephyra and Lazada. Ephyra brought along their product ambassador, Norman Hakim and Memey Suhaiza.

The leisure atmosphere of the gathering make everyone at ease. Small games and lucky draw makes the gathering lively besides some educational programs of well known bloggers sharing their experiences. Ben Ashaari shared his blogging life as a full time blogger  while Red Mummy, Hazman and Zarul Umbrella shared  their experience during the Forum chaired by DenaiHati’s Founder Tn Hj Mohd Ilham @ Amir.

Last year I won an iPad Mini during the lucky draw but this year, I came home empty handed. Maybe this time around I was not that lucky besides one bad experience I took home that spoil my mood in the evening.

I was at the ephyra counter wishing to register for the dropshipping program offered only to bloggers who attended the gathering. A man came to me explaining about the benefits of the product that was offered during the event. Thanks for his time to explain about the product. When another blogger who was filling the form finished I step in and viewing the dropshipping process on the table. The person sitting and who attended the guy in front of me just stared at me with a “what is this old man standing in front of me doing here” look. When I look at her (or him?) she (he?) just gave me a blank look that just wash away my mood to sign up for the dropshipping program. That was a bad counter service attitude because when someone seems interested in something that you are promoting, at least put a smile and offer your service. Well, that wash away my mood for the rest of the evening.

Sepetang Bersama Blogger 2014
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#MH370 Missing En Route


#Pray for MH370
#Pray for MH370

Today abuzz on social media, traditional electronic media and talk of the town is the news that Flight MH370 bound for Beijing China was missing along the route. The last tracked position was off the coast of Vietnam. The plane has 227 passengers and 12 crews. For the manifest of the passenger list CLICK HERE.

There had been confusing news and postings on the social media especially Facebook flooded with unconfirmed latest status of the plight of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200.

MH370 departed KLIA at 12.35 a.m and was scheduled to land in Beijing at 6.35 a.m. However communication was lost while the plane was crossing the South China Sea towards Vietnam. The jet was being monitored by flight tracking website which shows the plane’s progress before it vanished.

The last position recorded was at 1.30 a.m Saturday morning.

It has been reported that one of the passenger board the flight with a stolen passport belonging to one, Luigi Maraldi, 37, from Cesena. Read more interesting development HERE.

MH370 schedule Watch the graphic showing the moment MH370 went missing over The South Chine Sea HERE.

MH370 route

When all effort had been deployed for Search and Rescue (SAR) and as member of the public who has very limited knowledge about the aviation  industry, let us not make misleading comments. Let the specialist do their work and the priority now is WHERE IS MH370?

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Information

Family members: +603 8787 1269 / +603 87871 629
Media: +603 8777 5698 / +603 8787 1276
Public: +603 7884 1234 atok vlog

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