MH370 – Where Is It Really?

After nearly two months missing, now there are new claims that the wreckage of MH370 if any, is not in the South Indian Ocean where the search had been going on since shifting from Gulf of Thailand after Inmarsat informed that they tracked the ill fated aircraft to the the search area.  Surface and underwater search did not find any clue of the missing MH370 but just garbage from some other sources.

The latest claim now is that an Australian Company have found the possibility of MH370 submerged in the Bay of Bengal. Read HERE. This claim might coincide with the claim of a women travelling home from Umrah claim that she saw the plane in the Bay of Bengal and dismissed by the Acting Minister of Transport. The Australian Company meanwhile said that they did their own search in the Bay of Bengal since 10th March while the women claimed she saw it on 8th March, the day MH370 went missing.

The claim does not end there. Another pilot claim that he saw the image of the wreckage in the Gulf of Thailand.

So are we getting confused? Which claim is right and true.


Hello! 999?

999 For Genuine Emergencies only
999 For Genuine Emergencies only

Have you ever used 999 as your response to emergencies? We are used to be familiar with 911 since we are brainwashed movies, electronic media or print media, the number used by them. In Malaysia we use the 999 for any emergencies that need the attention of police, fire department or ambulance. It is a central number and help request will be channeled to the relevant department.

For ALL landline in Malaysia this number us used



Malaysia is not the only country that used 999 as the emergency number. Read HERE.

All GSM mobile phones use this number which can be utilised even without SIM Card or phone is locked.


Which Department are connected to 999
The process for contacting 999

Malaysian Emergency Response Services (MERS 999) at Telekom Malaysia Annexe 2 Building receives on average  83,000 calls a day but only 2.3% are genuine. This was exposed by Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek. The centre is manned by 20 staff with 8 hours shifts daily and with such number of calls they need to be diligence and patience and they were commended by the Minister.

It is of public awareness and responsibilities not to make prank calls which might cause unnecessary incidents to genuine cases. Pranksters are actually a nuisance to such important emergency number. There are even callers at night just to chat with the operators and this is uncalled for. However, the majority of calls at about 76 per cent received by MERS 999 centres in the federal capital, Melaka and Sarawak were silent calls caused by smartphone users pressing the emergency call button.

According to MERS Website, Prank Callers can face a RM50,000 fine, One Year Jail Term, or both if convicted under the  Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998, Seksyen 233.

On another twist, according to the Auditor General’s Report 2012, approximately 32% of the total emergency calls to MERS999 went unanswered. Again according to the report, there were a total 23.6 million emergency calls from January to August last year. This works out to 32.4% or 7.6 million unanswered calls.

A word of advice for you who at one time or another has to make emergency calls must keep in mind this:

“It is important for them to keep calm and assist individuals seeking their help in getting the needed assistance in times of misfortune or disasters because a matter of just three minutes can mean life or death,”

Virgin Air Hijack – False Alarm

It was just a false alarm due to one passenger who was trying to enter the cockpit of Virgin Australia flight en route from Brisbane to Bali. The “intruder” was then handed over to the authority after the Boeing 737-800 safely landed at Bandara Ngurah Rai.

A Virgin Tweet then mentioned that it was a false alarm as the aircraft was not hijacked as earlier reported. It was all a misunderstanding that the pilot suspected he was a hijacker and contacted the air control tower at Ngurah Rai, Bali. The man was actually drunk.

Virgin Air Tweet

photo credit: Astroawani
photo credit: Astroawani

Read more at:

Virgin Air
Click image for Photo Credit and News

In this incident the real culprit is actually alcohol or any intoxicated liquid that the man had taken.

Virgin Australia updated on its Travel Alert the following:

Reports that Virgin Australia flight VA41 was hijacked en route from Brisbane to Denpasar are completely incorrect.

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft landed safely at Denpasar airport at 15.16 local and all 137 passengers and 7 crew have since disembarked. At no point was the safety of the aircraft in question.

There was a disruptive passenger on board and the pilot notified authorities in advance of landing, as per standard operating procedures. The passenger was unarmed and is now in the custody of the Indonesian authorities. Any further enquiries regarding the passenger should be directed to the Indonesian authorities.

I had an experience once when I was on board a Malaysian airlines from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur. A male passenger on the seat behind my row had been entertaining with free canned beer until he became drunk. He just throw away the empty cans on the cabin floor and it rolled when the plane roll.

The stewardess then refused to provide him anymore cans due to his condition. When he scolded the stewardess, she responded politely but sternly, “Sir, this is not a bar.” Things seems not settled. He then went to the toilet and light up. The smell of smoke caught the attention of the cabin crew and gave him a stern warning.

It might be an isolated case but thing can get awry for the crew and passengers.

Malaysian Airlines to limit alcohol servings to passengers. 



MH370 Days Counting

MH370confidenceIt is coming to 2 month since MH370 went missing and to date there is still no concrete sign that the aircraft ended in the South Indian Ocean. Surface search and underwater search still did not find any clue in any form. Even the few pings detected by the SAR team did not turn out to be from the ill-fated aircraft. The best of the worlds latest technology even fail to give us answers. And now Malaysia and MAS had made into the record book.

While news about the misisng MH370 is fading by day, the SAR team is still determined to unearth where the wreckage (if there is) and what really happens. Now, the public’s interest to follow the latest development is getting cold by day unlike during the earlier days. Likewise perceptions on how Putrajaya handles the tragedy has is also being questioned.

Merdeka Center had conducted a survey to find out how the public sees. The result was 45% were not confident in the government handling and 18% not confident at all.

Merdeka Center director Ibrahim Suffian said while Putrajaya might be doing its best to handle the tragedy, the numerous conspiracy theories as well as the slow release of information from the authorities had contributed to the negative perception.

“This is a media-driven issue and there is no way the public will know anything beyond what’s reported by the media and in social media. Read the Full Article HERE

Whatever the public’s perception towards Putrajaya, we should still pray for the fate of MH370. Lets hope miracle happens and MH370 did not end in the South Indian Ocean because there is no tell tale sign that it ended there besides the PM announcement. All search resulted null.


Tiga Bas Ekspress Kemalangan Di Pahang Dalam Seminggu

Tiga kemalangan melibatkan bas berlaku dalam beberapa hari ini dan yang agak pelik sikit ialah semuanya di negeri Pahang. Terkini semasa saya buat posting ini melibatkan sebuah bas dua tingkat yang membawa pelancung yang pulang bercuti di Pulau Redang mengalami kemalangan di Lebuhraya Kuantan- Segamat berhampiran Ladang Sungai Jernih yang mengorbankan satu nyawa. Baca seterusnya DI SINI.

Bas dua tingkat terbabas

Sebelum itu pada 19 April sebuah bas yang dalam perjalanan ke Kuala Lumpur mengalami kemalangan di Km 116 LPT berhampiran Temerloh. Bas yang membawa 28 orang penumpang itu dipercayai hilang kawalan lalu melanggar pembahagi jalan dan berpusing beberapa kali sebelum terbalik. Lihat GAMBAR DI SINI.

thumb_7a8c thumb_7eb2

Pada hari Sabtu 19 April sebuah bas dua tingkat mengalami kemalangan di Km 11 Jalan Bentong-Raub di Bukit Lebu yang mengorbankan 3 orang penumpang. Yang pelik sikit pasal kemalangan ini ialah bagaimana bas tersebut boleh membawa sehingga 68 orang penumpang. Baca seterusnya DI SINI




Jual Daging Babi Di Tempat Awam (Bilingual)

Hari ini pergi Pasar Pagi Seri Petaling. Pasar yang walaupun dikuasai oleh peniaga Cina, tetapi pelanggannya ada juga berbangsa Melayu, India dan sebagainya. Sama juga seperti pasar-pasar basah lain ianya untuk menjual barangan keperluan makanan seharian seperti ikan, ayam, sayur dan barang kelengkapan dapur termasuk pakaian.

Apa yang aku nak bangkitkan dalam post ini ialah pagi ini terkejut kerana adanya penjualan daging babi secara terbuka di laluan orang ramai yang menghubungi pasaraya The Store dan Pasar Pagi Seri Petaling tersebut. Selalunya di laluan itu ada makcik jual nasi lemak dan bertentangan dengannya promoter kad kredit sebuah bank. Tetapi hari ini terdapat trak peniaga daging berkenaan bertentang dengan makcik itu.

Peniaga Daging Babi di Pasar Pagi Seri Petaling

Bayangkan betapa tidak selesanya makcik itu yang seharian mencari rezeki untuk keluarga di zaman kesempitan sekarang. Kita yang hanya melintasi pun sudah tidak merasa selesa apatah lagi dia yang duduk hanya 2 meter sahaja dari peniaga tersebut.

Pasar Pagi Seri Petaling sebenarnya ada menyediakan kawaan khusus yang bertutup untuk penjual daging babi di bahagian dalam. Jelas peniaga bertrak tersebut tidak menghormati orang ramai dan juga  peniaga barangan yang sama di dalam yang kena bayar sewa tapak.

Saya tengok makcik itu menutup perniagaannya awal tetapi tidak pasti sama ada barang dagangannya habis atu kerana tidak than dengan kehadiran peniaga daging babi itu.

Sewajarnya pihak DBKL membuat pemantauan dengan meletakkan Penguatkuasa di kawasan tersebut. Kehadiran Penguatkuasa bukan sahaja boleh memantau peniaga tanpa lesen tetapi juga mengawal lalulintas yang sesak disebabkan pemandu meletakkan kenderaan tidak mengikut peraturan dan menunggu dalam kereta.



Went to Pasar Pagi Seri Petaling today. The market is dominated by Chinese merchants though, but customers are also Malay, Indian and so on. As with other daily wet markets it is common to sell daily necessities such as food fish, chicken, vegetables and kitchen equipment items including clothing.

I was shocked this morning to see a hawker truck selling pork in open beside the public walkway linking  The Store Supermarket, Sri Petaling  and the Seri Petaling  Morning Market. Daily, beside the walkway there is a Malay aunty selling Nasi Lemak and on the other side promoters of a local bank promoting credit card. But today there there is this pork meat truck across the pathway in front of the Nasi Lemak seller.

Imagine how comfortable the aunty is, who on a daily basis seeking extra income to feed her family in times of hardship now. Walking across just create an  unpleasant smell what more for her to be sitting barely 2 metres away.

Seri Petaling Morning Market  do provide specific confined area to pork butchers on the inside. Obviously this roadside truck butcher does not respect the public and legal butcher inside selling the same same item who paid rental.

I saw the aunty close her  business early but not sure if her merchandise was soldout or because of the presence of the butcher truck.

Naturally  DBKL should monitor by assigning enforcement officers daily in the area. Their presence not only can monitor such malpractices but also help check  congested traffic flow caused the drivers inconsiderate parking.

Air Kena Catu Kita Marah SYABAS atau Marah Allah?

Sekarang ni musim catu air di Selangor dan WP Kuala Lumpur. Er, Putrajaya kena juga ke? Pastinya yang mengaut untung ialah peniaga tong plastik, baldi dan botol. Pada masa ini juga harganya pun naik kan? Tahun depan beli tong plastik kena tambah lagi GST 6%.

Air adalah anugerah Allah kepada makhluknya. Air adalah antara penyelesai banyak masalah. Bukan sekadar untuk kegunaan domestik oleh manusia dan haiwan tetapi semua makhlukNya juga memerlukan air untuk hidup. Air boleh menyegarkan yang layu. Air boleh membersihkan kotoran. Air digunakan untuk merawat penyakit. Semua itu atas ehsan Allah kepada kita.

Apabila air kena catu mulalah kita semua merungut. Terus kita semua menuding jari kepada Kerajaan dan khususnya SYABAS jika di Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur atau mana-mana pihak berkuasa air di tempat-tempat berkenaan.

krisis air
Foto-foto iringan ini diambil dari internet dan bukan hak milik blogger ini.

So sekarang di Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur ini kita marah SYABAS dan kerajaan kerana air kena catu. Jadual catuan dikeluarkan tetapi kadang-kadang tidak mengikut jadual yang dikeluarkan.

Semasa krisis air 1998 dahulu di Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur, ada ciptaan baru yang muncul. antaranya ialah mencuci kereta tanpa menggunakan air. Kini belum dengar lagi perkara macam tu.

Mengapa sebenarnya air kena catu ni? Kemarau? Bukankah hujan turun lebat tiap petang. Takkan tak ada air lagi?

Memanglah hujan turun tetapi adakah ia turun di kawasan tadahan? Kalau pun di kawasan tadahan tentu mengambil masa untuk memenuhkan semula takungan di empangan kan? Kesan air kering musim kemarau tempoh hari agak teruk. Oleh itu bukan senang nak isi semula air dalam masa yang singkat jika kita tengok keadaan empangan sekarang.

Berkait air ni, ada tidak lama dahulu, sebuah penerbitan Arab saudi membuat satu tinjauan pasal penggunan air, khususnya semasa mengambil wudhu. Rakaman-rakaman yang dibuat rata-rata menunjukkan individu berkenaan banyak membazir air semasa mengambil wudhu. Hasil rakaman dan pemerhatian pengacara tersebut menemubual mereka dan semua menjawab hendak mengambil wudhu dengan sempurna sebab itu buka paip sampai full blast. Kata penutup pengacara tersebut, “Nak ambil wudhu atau nak mandi?”  Jadi semasa senang kita banyak membazir air. Apabila tiba masa susah ini kita mula nak menyalahkan pihak yang mengurus air.

Mereka mengurus air yang diberikan oleh siapa? Tentunya air itu bukan di bawah kuasa manusia untuk menentukan cukup atau tidak. Kesan di empangan takungan adalah bukti manusia tidak berkuasa mengawal air itu. Manusia hanya boleh mengurus.

Sekarang Allah menarik balik sedikit kemudahan yang dianugerahkan kepada kita – air untuk menyedarkan kita betapa selama ini kita banyak membazir pemberiannya.

Pokoknya siapa yang kita salahkan? Kerajaan? SYABAS? atau Allah?