MAS Aftermath MH370 Tragedy – View From A Captain

MH370 unearth many professionals and talents which nobody knew before. We see gems within out society that had only been polished  when they are invited to speak on the educational side of the missing MH370. Among the gems uncovered is retired MAS Captain Datuk Nik ahmad Huzlan who had served MAS for 30 years. Since his first appearance on Astro Awani, he had been the centre of reliable information about aircraft especially the missing Boeing 777.  His explanation which is simple and easily understandable by non aviation masses.


Ever since i knew his Facebook profile, I requested to be added as a friend and now been following his unofficial statements and views about aviation and specifically the MH370 tragedy.

Today he published a lengthy post on his wall; view from someone who has that self of belonging feeling of his “farm” that feed him and his family for 30 years before retirement. I copy and paste his love and feeling about the future of our national carrier that is beleeding more than RM 3 million a day. I repeat RM 3 million a day, NOT a month or year.

This is his post copied from HERE. Go to the posting to read responses from others.

What will happen to this beloved Airline of ours? Already bleeding to the tune of more than RM3 million a day, it has also shrunk to 5/8th its original size. This month MAS loses direct connectivity to the US where years ago it was serving both coasts, landing at Los Angeles and New York. MAS used to be a Top airline, winning numerous accolades with a sparkling safety record, which went a long way in covering up its Management deficiencies that has been present for many years.
The MH370 Event will definitely expose these deficiencies as the Airline and its Operating Practices comes under a microscope.

How much more pain can this beleaguered Airline bear? While time may heal MAS’ reputation, its main reason for existence, ie, as a profitable Business Entity, is vague and unclear. It will continue to lose money for sure.

I served MAS for 30 years. In 1996 I became Chief Pilot Narrow Body Operations and watched with horror as i saw the smart ones being ignored while the mediocre corporate politicians rule the roost.

During my stint in Management I served under 6 CEOs. All came in with their select team, bringing high hopes, but all eventually faltered as the seasoned corporate politicians edged their way into the meeting rooms and left the CEO Teams clueless. The CEOs and their Dream Teams left after 3 years. The seasoned corporate politicians are still around.

MAS is a story of square pegs in round holes. Its main problem is not the business nor costs. Its about Talent Management. Its about having good Human Resource processes to ensure the qualified does the job they are not just merely good at, but excellent and passionate about doing the task at hand. I observed many Senior MAS staff engaging in processes that ensures job protection, even to the detriment of MAS. These people have to go as they are dragging the company down. They thrive on cronyism. They surround themselves with average people who will not threaten their position. They prefer compliance rather than intellect. They avoid confronting conflict, preferring the path of backhanded maneuvering to solve it their own way.
They need to go.

MAS more than ever needs people with the talent of doing good business, not just ability of running a business. They must be hungry, and understand that the process of a successful sale is serving the customer from cradle to grave AND collecting the proceeds of that sale. The Operations side needs thinkers, not procedural pen pushers, happy to just fulfil what is required of them in a day, but not hungry to improve currently tried and tested process.

There is so much talent inside MAS, but most in the wrong place. Or unrecognised.

On Talent, MAS must keep the Best and Fix the Rest. Average is just not good enough now. Not after losing two planes in six months while bleeding RM3million a day.

Its current path is leading it to destruction. It needs to address its long standing problem, which, even before MH370, seems insurmountable. Excellent Management is required with MH370 hanging over its head.

NOTE: The Above is a Watered down version. There is a Dark Side to MAS that not many knows.

Bloggers view: Is it because MAS is a GLC that it face such a predicament. What if Airasia too is another GLC?

Read some of his educational information

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