MH370 Days Counting

MH370confidenceIt is coming to 2 month since MH370 went missing and to date there is still no concrete sign that the aircraft ended in the South Indian Ocean. Surface search and underwater search still did not find any clue in any form. Even the few pings detected by the SAR team did not turn out to be from the ill-fated aircraft. The best of the worlds latest technology even fail to give us answers. And now Malaysia and MAS had made into the record book.

While news about the misisng MH370 is fading by day, the SAR team is still determined to unearth where the wreckage (if there is) and what really happens. Now, the public’s interest to follow the latest development is getting cold by day unlike during the earlier days. Likewise perceptions on how Putrajaya handles the tragedy has is also being questioned.

Merdeka Center had conducted a survey to find out how the public sees. The result was 45% were not confident in the government handling and 18% not confident at all.

Merdeka Center director Ibrahim Suffian said while Putrajaya might be doing its best to handle the tragedy, the numerous conspiracy theories as well as the slow release of information from the authorities had contributed to the negative perception.

“This is a media-driven issue and there is no way the public will know anything beyond what’s reported by the media and in social media. Read the Full Article HERE

Whatever the public’s perception towards Putrajaya, we should still pray for the fate of MH370. Lets hope miracle happens and MH370 did not end in the South Indian Ocean because there is no tell tale sign that it ended there besides the PM announcement. All search resulted null.


Tiga Bas Ekspress Kemalangan Di Pahang Dalam Seminggu

Tiga kemalangan melibatkan bas berlaku dalam beberapa hari ini dan yang agak pelik sikit ialah semuanya di negeri Pahang. Terkini semasa saya buat posting ini melibatkan sebuah bas dua tingkat yang membawa pelancung yang pulang bercuti di Pulau Redang mengalami kemalangan di Lebuhraya Kuantan- Segamat berhampiran Ladang Sungai Jernih yang mengorbankan satu nyawa. Baca seterusnya DI SINI.

Bas dua tingkat terbabas

Sebelum itu pada 19 April sebuah bas yang dalam perjalanan ke Kuala Lumpur mengalami kemalangan di Km 116 LPT berhampiran Temerloh. Bas yang membawa 28 orang penumpang itu dipercayai hilang kawalan lalu melanggar pembahagi jalan dan berpusing beberapa kali sebelum terbalik. Lihat GAMBAR DI SINI.

thumb_7a8c thumb_7eb2

Pada hari Sabtu 19 April sebuah bas dua tingkat mengalami kemalangan di Km 11 Jalan Bentong-Raub di Bukit Lebu yang mengorbankan 3 orang penumpang. Yang pelik sikit pasal kemalangan ini ialah bagaimana bas tersebut boleh membawa sehingga 68 orang penumpang. Baca seterusnya DI SINI
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