Virgin Air Hijack – False Alarm

It was just a false alarm due to one passenger who was trying to enter the cockpit of Virgin Australia flight en route from Brisbane to Bali. The “intruder” was then handed over to the authority after the Boeing 737-800 safely landed at Bandara Ngurah Rai.

A Virgin Tweet then mentioned that it was a false alarm as the aircraft was not hijacked as earlier reported. It was all a misunderstanding that the pilot suspected he was a hijacker and contacted the air control tower at Ngurah Rai, Bali. The man was actually drunk.

Virgin Air Tweet

photo credit: Astroawani
photo credit: Astroawani

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In this incident the real culprit is actually alcohol or any intoxicated liquid that the man had taken.

Virgin Australia updated on its Travel Alert the following:

Reports that Virgin Australia flight VA41 was hijacked en route from Brisbane to Denpasar are completely incorrect.

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft landed safely at Denpasar airport at 15.16 local and all 137 passengers and 7 crew have since disembarked. At no point was the safety of the aircraft in question.

There was a disruptive passenger on board and the pilot notified authorities in advance of landing, as per standard operating procedures. The passenger was unarmed and is now in the custody of the Indonesian authorities. Any further enquiries regarding the passenger should be directed to the Indonesian authorities.

I had an experience once when I was on board a Malaysian airlines from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur. A male passenger on the seat behind my row had been entertaining with free canned beer until he became drunk. He just throw away the empty cans on the cabin floor and it rolled when the plane roll.

The stewardess then refused to provide him anymore cans due to his condition. When he scolded the stewardess, she responded politely but sternly, “Sir, this is not a bar.” Things seems not settled. He then went to the toilet and light up. The smell of smoke caught the attention of the cabin crew and gave him a stern warning.

It might be an isolated case but thing can get awry for the crew and passengers.

Malaysian Airlines to limit alcohol servings to passengers. atok vlog

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