Is Civic Mindedness Degrading?

What I am posting here is from what I observe and experience.

A young Malay mum maybe aged mid or late 20s sitting on the LRT. She was busy texting on her phone based on her speed of her finger. On her lap is her baby sleeping. There was a Chine lady, fit to be compared as a mother to her, sitting two passengers away from her relised the the baby’s shirt was pulled up exposing the navel areas. With a motherly instinct she pulled down the shirt to cover baby’s exposed navel areas while her mother was busy texting.

The baby’s mother gave a glance to the Chinese women and I saw no thank you remark either verbally or physically. Well, at least just a simple smile for someone who cares for the baby with no blood relation at all.

Earlier when I boarded the particular coach, two young Malay women stood up leaving the seat vacant. I felt that they are leaving the seat to me due to my golden age perks. Immediately one Chinese couple lovers maybe in their late teens tried to move onto the seat but another elderly man about my age sat and the lovers dismissed their intention to take the seat.

I am not asking for people to give me seating priority on public transports but any one with some civic mind will always respect others especially the elders irrespective of race and creed. I actually get such priorities from young man and women but sometimes do not take it on short stretches because standing actually train your muscle to adapt and support your weight as you aged.

Does Malaysian’s have manners? I might agree to some extend but at public transport stations, there even Non Malaysians who do not show any manners too. Maybe because its in Malaysia that we come to that such perspective even though its true. Every time when you want to enter either the train or bus, there will always be people who do not respect others. People who do not know how to Q up or let other alight first before entering. Pushing and shoving others in front is a normal practice. Arriving late and walk straight to the front of the line is normal practice. All these practices are just normal for those who have no civic in their mind and act to fulfill their selfishness

Those are my real life experience, a few sights that we can see on public transport. atok vlog

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