Kad Mesra Hilang Lagi

Rasanya kali kedua aku kehilangan kad Mesra Petronas. Sekali sedar bila nak isi petrol cari kad tidak ada. Cuba recall bila last isi petrol. Hanya dua stesen Petronas je yang selalu aku isi minyak, Satu di Puncak Jalil dan satu lagi di Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil atau Teknologi Park. Kalau hilang pun di salah satu dari dua tempat ini.

Kemungkinan besar ialah semasa isi minyak, bagi kad dan lupa hendak ambik balik. Kali pertama pun macam tu juga. Ia berlaku di Stesen Petronas di RnR Simpang Pulai masa dalam perjalanan balik ke Alor Setar.

Sebulan selepas itu aku terima SMS dari pihak kad Mesra mengucapkan terima kasih kerana aku claim mata ganjaran dengan mengisi petrol bernilai RM140 di Petronas Simpang Pulai. Banyak tu RM140. Tangki minyak kereta pun aku isi RM80 dah melimpah. So dah confirm yang kad aku itu dijumpai oleh seseorang yang memandu kenderaan ber CC besar sebab jumlah petrol yang dibelinya.

Kali ini aku terus call pihak Kad Mesra untuk memaklumkan kehilangan itu dan dengan mudah saja, aku di maklumkan kad sudah kena block. Begitu pantas tindakan mereka dan aku diminta memohon kad baru. Selepas sebulan buat permohonan untuk pindahkan mata ganjaran lama ke kad baru. Tak banyak songeh sangat.

Its Not Over Until The Final Whistle

Its World Cup fever now and most soccer fans will be glued to the TV screen at 12.00 a.m, 3.00 a.m and 6.00 am. daily until July 14th to witness who take home the most prestigious cup in soccer.

I am not going to comment on the whole matches but just some lesson to be learned by sportsmen at any level and position. The game is not over until the referee blows the final whistle.

During the Argentina and Iran match everybody was t that thinking  the match will end up in a draw but when the fourth referee was about to lift the board announcing an additional 5 minutes of injury time, Messi spoil the Iranian hopes of writing a history. He scored Argentinian winning goal.

Then when Portugal was thinking of packing their bag to leave the World Cup and USA marching into an early entry to the last 16, Ronaldo and Silvestre Varela put a brake barely 30 seconds from the final whistle. The draw gave then a new hope of making it to the last 16.

Thats a lesson to be learned by all sportsmen in any sports. The final result is when the referee blows the final whistle.

Almost Forgot Churp-Churp

I was reading a blogpost about Nuffnang sending an email to the particular blogger. She posted that Nuffnang about her status as a nuffie. Then only I remember that I had not receive notifications from Churp churp about advertisement seedings as usual. 

Those days I use to receive emails whenever there are new ads to be shared on other social medias. Ever since 2014, I think I had not receive any notification and until I forget my password. Even Nuffnang their ancestor seems to follow likewise.

Seems that these blog aggregator has forgotten about their earlier members since more and more social media influencers had join them. Just wonder whether they had put emails from earlier members in to another box and concentrate on new and fresh members. 

Facebook Down

It was like the whole word being taken over by aliens? Just for 5 minutes without Facebook it is already quite a personal havoc for facebookers. What if the whole Facebook is taken down? Now we see how attached most people are to the most popular social media site.

Just read this compilation of Tweets as posted by Awani.

Menang RM200 Setiap Perlawanan World Cup 2014

octo Semua dah deman bolasepak sepanjang bulan Jun Julai ini. Baru je beberapa malam bersengkang mata tapi daripada bersengkang mata begitu sahaja boleh jugalah mencuba nasib. Mana tahu rezeki berjaga malam.

CIMB melalui Octo’s Pic menganjurkan peraduan meneka pemain terbaik setiap perlawanan. Anda cuma menghantar dengan meneka nombor pemain pilihan anda dan pemenang akan diumumkan selepas setiap perlawanan.

Hadiah-hadiah adalah seperti berikut:


Setiap pemenang akan menerima RM200 yang dihantar ke telefon bimbit berkenaan melalui Octosend sebaik sahaja tamat setiap perlawanan. Kemudian satu lagi SMS akan dihantar kepada pemenang dengan menyertakan kod untuk membuat tuntutan di CIMBClicks.

Saya pun hendak mencuba nasib juga tetapi bila tengok rupanya penyertaan hanya untuk talian MAXIS, CELCOM dan DIGI sahaja.

Sila ke CIMBClicks untuk maklumat lanjut.

Still Theories of Missing MH370

It seems not many people are talking about the missing MH370 now after it went missing on 8th Mac 2014. Many maybe had already forgot about the tragedy that pull attention of the whole world and on the other side made Malaysia known to the world. Malaysia had already promised to search for the missing plane without any time limit until it is found. So what really happen to Flight MH370, is still a mystery for most of us but maybe not for certain people.

This video by anonymous published on SecretsOf ThefFed dot com still concentrate around what had been speculated since the early days of the missing Flight MH370 that is conspiracy.

It was speculated with John Rothschild’s name mentioned and the relation to 20 Freescale employees of engineers on board the missing plane. However MAS refuse to release the cargo manifest but beating around with mangoosteens and Lithium Ion batteries.

If you have the time watch this 8:08 minute video and especially from the 7:00 minute mentioning about Rothschild.

Citoraso Suasano Kampung @ Klana Resort

The holy month of Ramadhan is just round the corner. Unlike those days, we are now anxiously waiting for it with mind setting and all preparation to go through the month long of testing their wills and desire to fulfill one of the pillar of Islam that is abstaining from consuming any food, solid or liquid from dawn to dusk.

It has been a norm nowadays that hotels and restaurants organise promotions to feed guest who opted to break their fast at these outlets with family members or entertain friends and guests.

Recently I had this opportunity to preview what’s in store at Klana Resort in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan with an entourage of 40 media representatives consisting of journalists, photojournlists and bloggers. It was the Sahabat Media CC1M FAM Trip organised by mmode and santai travel magazine to Negeri Sembilan in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 – #vmy2014.

For this years Ramadhan buffet, Klana Resort had slashed the price from RM75.00 nett to a more affordable RM60.00 nett while  kids and Senior Citizen (60 and above) will be charged RM30.00 nett. Its eat all you can.

Besides the normal promotion there is also the 9 + 1 Promo. For every 9 paid adults in a single receipt, the 10th guest can eat for FREE. So, head over to Selera Coffee House this Ramadhan for your Citoraso Suasano Kampung Buka Puasa meals.

Ramadhan Buffet Promotion at Klana Resort, Negeri Sembilan

Ramadhan Buffet Promotion at Klana Resort, Negeri Sembilan

Klana Resort will present guests with more than 100 different dishes, desserts and pastries. To suit the Citoraso Suasano Kampung theme guest will be presented with kampong style dishes usually served at normal restaurants.

Ramadan Buffet

masakan kampung

fruits and ulam

Selera Pastries

However the highlight of all Ramadhan Buffet is of course the Kambing Panggang and Klana Resort too has it for you.

Kambing Panggang

Prayer room will also be provided with the Imam in attendance to perform your Maghrib, Isya’ and Tarawih prayers. For details call 06-7668888 ext 3181/3222 

During our overnight stay at Klana Resort, we were delighted to have the presence of  Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, YAB Datuk Seri Utama Haji Mohamad bin Hj Hassan and wife,  YM Raja Datin Seri Salbiah Binti Tengku Nujumudin, who launched a new Kelana Resort’s Selera Coffe House menu, Nasi Lemak Klana with Master Chef Celebrity Syura. Nasi Lemak Klana with teh tarik will be priced at RM10.00 a plate.


Above Photo Credit as watermarked

Head over to Klana Resort with your family, colleague and friends for your rendezvous venue to break your fast. At RM60.00 nett, its among the cheapest Ramadhan Buffet offered by a Four Star hotel.


Now Cadbury Is Halal Again

Its HALAL. Thats the latest development about the status of two Cadbury products that has been a hot discussion topics among Muslims in Malaysia. The issue surfaced when Ministry of Health discovered that there are traces of porcine in the product and the news spread on social media.

Latest development JAKIM confirmed that Cadbury is Halal. Even with that confirmation, I will still avoid.

I reserve my decision whether its halal or not since there is still the sense of doubt. In Islam if you doubt the status of food whether its halal or not then take the safer option, avoid it.

This screen capture was posted on facebook. What do you think? The U Turn is to save the cronies?


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