Government To Ban Facebook?

Its a hot topic among Malaysians on the social media front today. This follows the Minister of Multimedia and Communication that the government is considering closing facebook because of misuse by Malaysian abusing the number 2nd ranked website after Google.


What he said is a shortcut when someone can’t afford the face challenges. In sports if one seems to be loosing and can’t win he/she will resort to dirty tactics. This is what I see the minister’s perception.

There are 15 million profiles from Malaysians and out of that number only about 2000 reports of misuse. Is that an alarming figure? Why not pick out the rotten eggs and leave the good ones to prosper. Considering banning the most popular social media will be a step backward when Malaysia is just round the corner to achieve Vision2020.

What will the government gain by banning Facebook compared to all the benefits that Malaysians had been achieved.

Facebook is a short cut for Malaysians to learn how to use a computer. Many Malaysians, especially the older generation learn how to type and write and apply technical skills just because they want to be on Facebook. Are we going to leave out these generation to continue to be computer illiterate when they too has the share, being a citizen, with the development of Multimedia super Corridor.

Facebook had been the easiest platform for part time enterprising businessman especially housewife who want to held earn side income to supplement what her husband has been earning. Is that bad about Facebook? Most of them has been using Facebook as a Free website to promote their business and thousands had thrive through it. you can find anything answered, sometimes on the spot, when you post a question. Its a Wiki by itself since content is added by users.

“Tali silatulrahim” among family members and long lost friend had been reenacted through Facebook.

Religious organisation and individual has been using Facebook to preach and its the best preaching tool since postings are open and everybody can read irrespective of what religion he/she  believes.

Facebook is a global library where one can get immediate answers when a question is posted and it is an indirect information source for those who follow the answers. Just imagine how much knowledge that we had gain after using facebook.

Closing Facebook is adamant to putting back Malaysians under the coconut shell. In the era of ICT, knowledge does not come from books alone but more through real life experience and where does these real life experience come from if not from Social Media.

We might ask question whether Facebook is really that dangerous to the nation? Then internet is more dangerous because on the internet there is not only Facebook but thousands other application and tools some are more pose more dangerous than facebook. What about Youtube? What about porn? What about crime?

Closing Facebook too breached the MSC Bills of Gaurantee

Malaysia can come out with our own social media website to replace Facebook. However how effective can it be to make Malaysians globally local, as the Prime Minister once said.

Please don’t resort to childish reaction to sort out things.


Author: atok zaha

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