Lamido Service As Good As Pos Laju

Recently I sent a consignemt to my daughter in Subang Jaya from Jitra through Pos Laju and was surprised it took 5 days to reach. Its Subang Jaya not some remotest area in Malaysia. The Jamin Sampai Esok is just a useless tagline to be used by a courier company that promise fast delivery. After reaching the delivery office it took another 2 days to be delivered as if the distance of Puchong and Subang Jaya is as far as between Kuala Lumpur and Antartica.

pos laju


When the consignment reached its destination this is what it looks repacked into the Pos Laju’s “body bag”.


pos laju1


Thats Pos Laju story. Di Jamin Sampai Esok.

In early September I made an order of a powerbank from one of the most popular online site in Malaysia, Lazada. The order was made through Lamido who sell the product. I made the order on 9th September 2014


and made the payment on


on 14th September and sent the confirmation through their Whatsapps account on the same day but have not heard anything from them until 17th September after I sent an email to them. The reply was Whatsapps and Line was down and I have to send the payment slip to their email which I did.


After that there is no news from Lamido or Lazada about my order and I sent another Whatsapps message on 26th September. Until I post this entry, the delivery man has not arrive at my doorstep.

Lamido promised within 2-3 working days and now it has taken nearly half a month. Personally to me Lazada and Lamido customer service is also as good  as Pos Laju in term of fast delivery.

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