Proton Sekali Buat Hal

Memang dah lama dah aku guna Proton ni, Model 1991 dan aku start guna sejak 1998. Tapi memang puas hati walaupun hanya sebuah Proton yang ramai org dok merungut pasaal kualitinya. Mungkin nasib aku baik kerana Proton yang aku pakai tu tak banyak songehnya. Yang sekali sekala rosak tu biasalah. Tak macam kawan aku dulu guna Proton juga setiap bulan mesti ada masalah dengan keretanya itu.

Yang penting maintain air dan minyak hitam, kurang sikit masalah dengan enjim. Masalah wear and tear tu biasalah. BMW dan Merc pun ada masalah macam tu. Tapi bagi kereta aku kalau dia merajuk, hmmmm…a few times juga tow truck tolong drive aku dan family ke workshop. Bt aku tak terkilan sangatlah sebab kereta berjenama dan baru pun ada juga tersadari di tepi lebuhraya.

Bulan lepas dah tukar starter yang berusia lebih kurang 5 tahun. Hari itu masa pergi kenduri tup-tup aircond pula rosak. Pun dah lama tak ada masalah Rasanya dalam tahun 2000an sekali aku service kipasnya. Dan hari ini motor kipasnya rosak dan terpaksa diganti. Lepas tu kena servis coil dalam compressor. Servis je sebab kalau biarkan mungkin kerosakan akan jadi lebih teruk.

Tu selepas mekanik tu cakap ni wayar dah panas sebab coil mau rosak. Dia cakap masih boleh jalan tapi tak lama akan terbakar juga coil tu. So, servislah.

Dulu masa dok di Kuala Lumpur, jika pergi ke satu workshop tu, dia akan belek dan cadang macam-macam. Last-last beratus juga kena. Yang tu dia tak buat servis, Kalau rosak seketuk dia tukar. Beza dengan di Jitra ni.

Walaupun hari ni ni habis hampir 500, tetapi aku mira masih berbaloilah sebab tahun 2014 ni baru 4 kali kereta pergi workshop kerana kerosakan wear and tear.

Smile, You’re On A Voyeur’s Camera

In the 60s there was one popular TV program called Smile, You Are On Candid Camera. The program capture individuals or groups unaware and screen them to make other people laughs. Then nowadays there are a few more programs that was orchestrated and set up to capture unaware or member of the public on video and screen it as an entertainment production.

Now in the ICT era where technological gadgets and inventions flood the market, some people are using such tactic but for a different objective- voyeurism. remember one Malaysian Doctor who was convicted in UK recently for such activity?

Voyeurism according to Wiki is

the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.[1]

The principal characteristic of voyeurism is that the voyeur does not normally interact directly with the subject of his/her interest, who is often unaware of being observed. The essence of voyeurism is the observing but may also involve the making of a secret photograph or video of the subject during an intimate activity.

The term comes from the French voyeur which means “one who looks”. A male voyeur is commonly labeled as “Peeping Tom”, a term which originates from the Lady Godiva legend. However, that term is usually applied to a male who observes somebody secretly and, generally, not in a public place.


hidden camera

Where cameras can be hidden (above) and based on the location of the camera, you already knew whats the purpose of the recording. Voyeurism. So before you strip yourself be on a lookout unless you want your hidden talent unearthed.

The availability of the internet and social media today takes voyeurism another giant leap since some of those voyeurs share what they capture in private. Most of the time they are putting the unsuspected “actor/actresses” to unwanted shame. Hidden and spy cameras once used by secret agents to gather information had been put to use as gadget to shame.

With all these voyeurism gadgets around, we have to always be wary about exposing our body parts of intimate activities when in public places such as the washrooms, changing rooms in shopping malls, hotels and other public or even private locations. If you google How to detect hidden cameras on the internet you can find tons of information about it.

The tiny camera can be hidden anywhere without being detected by the naked eye if you do not concentrate on searching for it.

How then are we going to know whether the public washroom, changing room or hotel are free of these spying gadgets? Many advice and tips had been compiled either by individuals or authority such as the police on how to determined whether such gadgetry are around.

I read this one tip sent by a friend. How to Check a Hidden Camera in Hotel Room

1. Upon entering the room, turn off all lights and pull the curtain.

2. Open your phone camera but switch off the flash.

3. Holding the phone, turn around the room aiming the camera and if you can see a red dot on your cellphone camera, then its a possibility a hidden webcam. Or else the room is free of hidden camera.

Wiki posted this tip on how to detect a hidden camera. HERE

There are also tips on how to detect a two way mirror because it is another potential hideout for hidden cameras especially in public washroms. Its the finger test as this graphic demonstrates

2 way mirror

This graphic source

So the next time you enter the washroom, be wary of any hidden cameras before stripping yourself. The same advice too if you want to have any nice intimate time with your spouse in a hotel room. You might be caught on a voyeurs camera. If it happens you will not smile anymore but experiencing red faces. atok vlog

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