Things Happen Due To Carelessness?

Two things happens at home maybe due to negligence or maybe not being careless.

1. The fully automatic washing machine which is still under warranty did not work properly. It stops and can’t drain the water after the wash. Well, of course machines do get damaged or stops working after sometimes. A lot reason can be related to it.

Since it is still under warranty, I took out the warranty card to look for the technical service phone number. However, together with the warranty card, there;s also the user manual. I did browse through the manual and under the tittle “Before calling for service” I read to find out what might be the problem. The word drainage caught my eye and upon checking the washing the machine, I found the problem. The outlet hose was not let loose but stick it to the machine’s cover. Since the the hose outlet is above water level, of course water will not drain out. Problem one solved.

2. Another problem due to carelessness was with the gas stove. I bought a new table top cooking stove since the one I had been using for years had a malfunctioned burner knob. After unpacking, I fixed the hose and hoping to get the stove to working. Clicks after clicks on the burner knob did not work. Solution? Take it back to the store. Easy uh?

While I removed the rubber hose from the stove’s gas injector tube,  I checked the rubber hose, and realise that the hose is blocked. It was the plastic cover on the gas injector tube that I did not remove when I fixed the hose before. No wonder it was so tight when I pushed the rubber hose onto it.

I cut off part of the hose and fixed it again. And of course it works. The problem was the plastic cover from the gas inlet tube blocks the gas flow. Problem solved.

If I were to take the stove back to the store, the technicians might have their laugh of the day. It was just carelessness that gets things in a mess. I learnt a lesson

Author: zaharibb

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