Earthquake In Nepal 2015

A 7.5 on Richter Scale magnitude, the worst quake to hit the South Asian nation since 1934, when a massive one all but destroyed Kathmandu, hit near Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu causing extensive damage with toppled walls and collapsed buildings. The quake killing more than 1,800 people, flattening sections of the city’s historic center, and trapping dozens of sightseers in a 200-foot watchtower that came crashing down into a pile of bricks- The New York Times

The Guardian – Earthquake in pictures updated – Dozens of people in three neighboring countries were also killed. At least eight were reported dead on Mount Everest, and perhaps dozens more trapped by a quake-triggered avalanche that hit the world’s tallest peak at the height of the climbing season.

AP reports that a Nepali police spokesman says 1,394 people are confirmed dead in that country. At least 38 others were confirmed dead in neighboring India, 12 in the Tibet region of China and two in Bangladesh, according to the AP.

The quake also triggers avalanche on the worlds highest peak, Mt Everest.

Nepal Earthquake

Everest Avalance

The Weather Channel reports  – At least 10 climbers and guides were killed, but more were injured and missing, and officials weren’t sure how many people were stranded on routes now cut off by snow.

Numerous climbers may now be cut off on routes leading to the top of the world’s highest peak. 

The avalanche began on Mount Kumori, a 7,000-meter (22,966-foot) -high mountain just a few miles from Everest, gathering strength as it headed toward the base camp while climbing expeditions have been preparing to make their summit attempts in the coming weeks, said Ang Tshering of the Nepal Mountaineering Association. 

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Cheaper Broadband From TM

It has been announced that Internet access will be reduced and users can surf the net at a cheaper rate. Its high time since our internet access rate is higher than Indonesia and Thailand who has no MSC.

TM will reduce broadband package after numerous calls by MCMC, to balance the cheaper rate charged by mobile operators.

There will be two news packages; a RM38 a month (excluding GST) for 1Mbps with data usage of up to 1GB. It will be 57% lower than the current offering at RM88 for the existing 1Mbps package.

UniFi 10Mbps triple play package at RM179 a month (excluding GST) will also be introduced 15 July 2015. This new package will include unlimited broadband Internet access, free fixed telephone calls nationwide and 22 basic HyppTV channels. It will be lower by 10% of the existing UniFi 10Mbps package of RM199/month.

It will be available from 16 June 2015. atok vlog

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