Cheaper Broadband From TM

It has been announced that Internet access will be reduced and users can surf the net at a cheaper rate. Its high time since our internet access rate is higher than Indonesia and Thailand who has no MSC.

TM will reduce broadband package after numerous calls by MCMC, to balance the cheaper rate charged by mobile operators.

There will be two news packages; a RM38 a month (excluding GST) for 1Mbps with data usage of up to 1GB. It will be 57% lower than the current offering at RM88 for the existing 1Mbps package.

UniFi 10Mbps triple play package at RM179 a month (excluding GST) will also be introduced 15 July 2015. This new package will include unlimited broadband Internet access, free fixed telephone calls nationwide and 22 basic HyppTV channels. It will be lower by 10% of the existing UniFi 10Mbps package of RM199/month.

It will be available from 16 June 2015.