Rayani Air – New Kid

Rayani air logo

Another new airline will be taking to the sky soon. Rayani Air a Kelantan based airline will be taking off soon. At the time of writing this post the website has no information yet but you can bookmark this for future.  Rayani Air will fly on the following routes


Rayani Air start operating in Kota Bharu and will be the first local airline based on syariat compliance. It will be compulsory for Muslim cabin crew  to wear the hijab and will practice the alcohol free flights.


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RayaniAir/

Instagram –  https://instagram.com/rayaniair/

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  1. Emily Tang says:

    i heard of this new plane Rayani Air when our sahabat media went for Matta fair in Melaka during cc1m trip, It was supposed to run last year June but no news since then and the website still nothing. It is great another airline joining in providing the service but I hope the service and price will offering better price than others.

    1. zaharibb says:

      At least cut off some monopolisation in air travel.

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