Bandar Baru Darulaman was transformed from a small town formerly known as Tanah Merah (there are many towns in Malaysia with the same name) located about 5 km fron Jitra town and about 18 km from Alor Setar City, the capital  city for Kedah, Malaysia.

The new township was developed by Bandar Darulaman Berhad, transforming once a rubber estate plantations to towns and housing estates.

Within the development area there is a natural lake that had been turned into a recreational park for local residents and also visited by communities from nearby towns. Its the Bandar Darulaman Park.


The park is open daily and had became a hive of activities for all walks of life. Parents bring their kids for kiddy rides or play with gigantic soap bubbles while many enjoy the jog around the lake. There are also water activities where visitors can ride on the paddle boat or canoeing.




Since its opening the park is not only a park for routine daily recreational activites but also had hosted many events ranging from local to national level expositions.


From Alor Setar, Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kangar, Jitra and Alor Setar can take the North South Highway and take the Bandar Darulaman exit. However from Jitra town its reachable through Federal Route 1.